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Systems Engineer Controls
Ref No.: 18-02268
Location: Dearborn, Michigan
  • Collaborates with a team of cross-functional domain experts such as business leads, system architects, wireless carriers, IT leads and vehicle electrical architecture leads towards creating a successful vehicle connectivity solution that includes network connectivity module configuration, wireless networking protocols, back office connectivity, partner and third party network connectivity etc.
  • System architecture block diagrams/interfaces, call flow/sequence diagram creation as necessary.
  • Responsible for developing vehicle connectivity solutions which includes multi-layer connectivity (bearer type, protocol, and messaging layers), application interface strategy within the system, client server architecture, security framework, apps framework, billing system, subscription management etc.
  • Defines the technical requirement and solutions based on best practices.
  • Works closely with feature owners, security experts and system architects in this domain.
  • Performs feasibility analysis, alternate solution identification, evaluations, and creates proof of concepts when needed.
  • Participates in documentation and refinement of business requirements to ensure alignment with technically viable system designs.
  • Ensure that designed or reviewed solutions conform to architectural requirements such as performance, scalability, maintainability, reliability, extensibility, usability and security across multiple domain areas.
  • Handoff to and work with the hardware and software team for system implementation and testing.
  • Support field assessments, test result assessment/resolution to open system items.
  • Develop and prototype innovative wireless systems to implement complex communication and networking technologies.
  • Deploy, integrate, and test the prototypes in operationally-realistic environments, working closely with sponsors to ensure mission success.

Skills Required:
  • Experience with interoperability techniques and standards in in-vehicle embedded systems.
  • Experience with network communication protocols, transport protocols and payload optimization techniques.
  • Thorough understanding of Cellular Network architecture (eNodeB, BTS, MSC, EPC, IMS, SMSC, HLR/HSS, PGW, SGW, etc.) or Cellular mobile device design and development (i.e. embedded software, mobile apps, network testing and certification).
  •  Expertise with 5G, V2V, V2X, LTE wireless networking protocols and systems.
  • Solid understanding of data communications.
  • Experience with analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to navigate through working teams across multiple departments.
  • Device and network performance analysis and trouble shooting skills
  • Experience in use case modelling and use case design reviews.
  • Experience working with large cross functional teams under aggressive timelines and sporadic heavy workloads.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work independently and effectively with others (interpersonal skills).
  • Experience with core engineering fundamentals and interoperability standards and emerging trends.
  • Experience in supporting a system or component through the product lifecycle to launch.

Skills Preferred:
  • Familiar with wireless electronic devices, their interfaces, and security issues/solutions.
  • Experience with Network Simulation test equipment
  • Knowledge of cloud based application integration, enterprise application integration and service oriented architecture concepts and micro services architecture principles is a PLUS.

Experience Required:
  • A minimum 5 years of experience in specification, design, development, deployment, of wireless communication systems (LTE, UMTS, HSPA, GSM etc.)

Experience Preferred:
  • Experience working with large cross functional teams under sporadic heavy workloads

Education Required:
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Wireless communications.

Education Preferred:
  • PhD engineering discipline in computer sciences or electrical and electronics.