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Abrams Maintenance Supervisor
Ref No.: 18-02054
Location: Riyadh, Riyadh
 The Field Service Representative (FSR) will be responsible for providing on-site assistance and
technical expertise in operational, maintenance, troubleshooting and related technical issues on
the M1A2 tank. He will also be responsible to the Program Manager for all M1A2 maintenance
issues. He may be required to establish and conduct formal and/or informal On-The-Job (OJT)
training for Saudi mechanics.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
– Provides subject matter expert to the RSLF and SPMO on the maintenance and overall operation of
the M1A2S tank, LAV's and associated equipment belonging to armor and reconnaissance units.
– Supervises the Maintenance Section and assigns tasks to employees.
– Mentors, guides, teach, trains, diagnose, and repairs tank malfunctions when a unit calls for
– Prepares technical field problem reports and submits the reports to SPMO for record.
– Advises SPMO on prescribed load lists and additional authorized lists.
– Communicates back to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on issues pertaining to the tank.
– Teaches and performs turret/automotive duties in conjunction with maintenance and repair of
vehicles from operator, Organizational, direct support and general support maintenance levels. This
includes the M1A2S Tank, all variants of LAV, and vehicles associated with Armor Units. He must
also be able to troubleshoot and repair engines.
Education Requirements:
– Vocational School (automotive or heavy equipment repair) or equivalent work experience.
– Read, write and speak English.
– Have a valid driver license
Desirable: Must be able to lift 501bs or more.
.EXPERIENCE Requirements:
– Minimum of 1 0 years in automotive or heavy equipment repair.
Desirable: Self-starter that works under minimal supervision