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Reference # : 18-03433 Title : ROW (Right-Of-Way) Agent - III
Location : New York, NY
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 12/03/2018  
FMAT - 7-10 years of experience required Job duties: Customer Interaction: o Presentation of ROW documentation in a timely manner o Negotiate in good faith for permission to place facilities on-site. Basic understanding of fiber and Telecommunication architecture. o Attend Board Meetings o Answer and address all phone calls and emails o Coordinate efforts as needed with outside plant design team for better customer experience o Always secure additional permission wherever possible o Address certificate of insurance/Legal/Indemnification concerns. o Use all cost effective engineering principles to save on expense (3M, use existing, etc) CODA/ROW assignment tasks for the following building types in our internal systems: o NSI BUILDINGS o TBD-FMAT o POSTPONED BUILDINGS o BLOCK PROJECT o NON-NSI BUILDINGS Letter package administration with knowledge of MS Word and Adobe Pro and documentation in our internal system MMS: There are currently four package types o INTERIOR CODA/CROSSOVER, Residential o RESIDENTIAL CROSSOVER ONLY o MTU/PAL INCLUDING ROW Commercial o MTU ROW ONLY · Attend various conference calls pertaining to ROW or team functions. Ex. Pending ROW Call · How to announce signed CODAs/228 MMS administration/Order of Entry Properties o Time frame to resolve properties o Petition properties o Signed announcement emails to FMAT. o How to put in a Due Diligence after a unsuccessful building contact/ attempts ·The Billing of all associated assignment tasks and administration in our internal system vbuild.