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Reference # : 18-01711 Title : Business Documentation Specialist - I
Location : Richardson, TX
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 06/13/2018  
Description: GIS Analyst/One Call Specialist

Functional Responsibilities
The requested position is to provide GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analysis and services to all departments and coordinate Client Business underground facilities with each One Call Center to meet security and legal obligations to include:

? Provides GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analysis and services to all departments.
? Follows standard organizational practices and guidelines.
? Solves problems of somewhat complex nature and assists less-experienced employees with solving problems and resolving issues.
? Prepares custom maps and diagrams from GIS data.
? Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including censuses, field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps.
? Analyze geographic relationships among varying types of data.
? Receive shape file inputs from Client Engineering related to addition/deletion of fiber network.
? Create and submit shape file polygons to the state One Call Centers defining Client 811 coverage.
? Verify accuracy of coverage of Client Business facilities on One Call mapping platforms.
? Investigate request concerning questionable locate tickets.
? Remain current with the latest and most accurate forms of mapping applications for each One Call.
? Perform verifications of our coverage when One Call Centers update to a new mapping landbase.
? Integrate newly acquired fiber network mapping into our mapping system and One Call databases when new mergers or acquisitions occur.

Required Qualifications/Skills
? Computer Skills ?
o Advanced knowledge of ArcGIS.
Create and edit polyline, polygon and point features [Advanced Editing/Editing Tools].
Create 200 to 300 foot polygon buffers from polyline shape files to maintain a database of record for each state [Analysis Tools].
Multi-part attribute query of data tables.
Joining multiple data tables.
Problem solving using multiple editing tools in ArcMap (e.g., Clip, erase, dissolve, export/import) [Analysis Tools].
Capable of converting data formats [Conversion Tools].
o Keep current with the latest and most accurate web based apps per One Call.
o Intermediate knowledge of Outlook.
Formatting email
Managing attachments
Folder management
o Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of Excel
Format tables.
Moderate formula writing
Pivot Tables
? Associates degree or ESRI Technical Certification.
? Ability to read and interpret underground and aerial telecom facilities records on maps and fielding notes.
? The ability to solve problems using the GIS suite of tools.
? Self-management ? Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize daily work to meet schedules and objectives, maintain confidentiality, and work with remote team members.
? Ability to pay close attention to detail and make sound decisions using information at hand.
? Communications ? Demonstrates polished and professional verbal, written, and listening skills.
? Customers Service ? Demonstrates polished and professional customer skills.
? Project and Process Management ? Advanced project implementation skills.
? Telecommunications Theory ? General understanding of fiber construction.