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Reference # : 18-00039 Title : z/VSE Systems Programmer
Location : Waukegan, IL
Experience Level : Start Date : 06/04/2018  
Needed: z/VSE Systems Programmer; 12 months+ (Extendable); $Market rate; Waukegan, IL 60087;


Horizon Technology Partners, Inc. has an immediate opening for a z/VSE Systems Programmer. Your skills are needed to assist a government entity located in Waukegan, IL 60087. In this role you will provide z/VSE Systems Programming for an operating system in a combined z/VM-z/VSE environment. This would be running on an IFL in a z/VM LPAR that communicates to CICS systems in the z/VSE platform. The selected candidate will have multiple years of experience providing Systems Programming for IBM z/VM mainframe (zBC12) and administration of the z/VSE system. Systems programming knowledge of CICS, CICS, Printer, Classes, Storage & Tape definition, z/VSE & z/VM networking, TCP/IP, VTAM, FTP and Terminal Definitions are expected.

Deliverables/ Expectations:
- Installation and maintenance of z/VSE operating system and related IBM program products and utilities.
- z/VSE mainframe environment system support for - Rexx, JCL, CP, CMS Xedit, RSCS etc.
- Knowledge of Network in terms of TCP/IP and SNA.
- Provide support for maintenance, migration, and Technical batch jobs.
- System performance measurement and monitoring via Velocity Software products.
- Provide second-level support for operations and applications development groups on system software issues.
- Knowledge of z/VSE and CICS/TS for VSE.
- Work with software support groups including database, communications and application server software.
- Provide backup for the Systems Programmer regarding z/VSE operating systems and CICS online transaction management.
- Review of the existing Disaster Recovery Plan and its implementation.

Skills Needed:
- z/VSE Systems Programming
- Knowledge of the z/VSE architecture
- CICS/TS, z/VSE libraries
- Familiarity with the LFP agent configurations communicating with z/VSE Guests.
- Knowledge of CP, CMS, XEDIT, and REXX programming is required
- CA Unicenter for VM, particularly VMOPERATOR and the HiDro Backup utilities
- Support and usage of Velocity Software products; zMAP, zMON, zTCP and zVWs is also required.
- Knowledge TCPIP, FTP, RSCS and SNA protocols is required.

Interested Candidates should forward their resumes to: