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Reference # : 17-00509 Title : Sharepoint Developer Contractor
Location : Sacramento, CA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : 2 Years Start Date / End Date : 02/06/2017 / 03/10/2017  
We are seeking a SharePoint MS365 Developer to build a mini-database and workflow tool in SharePoint MS365 for a client in Sacramento, California. Developer will be skilled and experienced in the following:
a) creating and maintaining user lists
b) Creating Web page, forms, workflows
c).Business Connectivity Services, Windows workflow foundation,
d) Sharepoint object Model
e) Sharepoint Designer
U.S. Locations: Global Locations:
Hauppauge, New York
Newark, Delaware
New York, New York
Tempe, Arizona
Hyderabad, India
Montego Bay, Jamaica