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Reference # : 19-00326 Title : Java Software Engineer/SR
Location : PHOENIX, AZ
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 06/03/2019 / 02/01/2020  
Java Senior Software Engineers (Developers) that are technology leaders, have excellent communication skills, and have the ability to work independently without being micro-managed.

The following should all be true for a potential candidate...

? Considers themselves an expert with SQL.
? Has at least 3 years of Web Application development experience, ideally using Spring-MVC.
? Has at least 3 years of experience using the Spring Framework.
? Has Apache Tomcat application server configuration and setup experience.
? Possesses comprehensive knowledge on Software Design Patterns and how to apply them.
? Hands-on familiarity with Ant, Maven or Gradle.
? Has knowledge of version control and configuration management practices for large projects.
? Has personally been responsible for branching and merging project code.
? Has written unit tests using an automated test framework and can explain unit testing best practices.
? Has participated in code-reviews from both sides.
? Has worked on a team of more than 5 developers.

The following are highly desired in the potential candidate...

? Familiar with the peculiarities of Oracle database SQL Syntax.
? Has developed functional tests using Selenium.
? Has worked on a Scrum team.
? Has experience with iBatis (or myBatis) and Hibernate.
? Understands multi-threading in Java applications, synchronization techniques and concurrency pitfalls.
? Has experience with a scripting language: Groovy, Ruby, or Python.
? Has enough of an understanding of PL/SQL to know what it's doing.
? Understands JSTL and JSP Tags.
? Possesses HTML/CSS/JavaScript and jQuery development experience.
U.S. Locations: Global Locations:
Hauppauge, New York
Newark, Delaware
New York, New York
Tempe, Arizona
Hyderabad, India
Montego Bay, Jamaica