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Reference # : 18-00598 Title : Desktop Software Analyst/Project Coordinator
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 03/13/2018 / 01/31/2019  
· DURATION - 9 month duration
· Temp only/ prefer local candidates
This individual will assist in driving the Technical coordination and components involved with the Office 2016 rollout. Expectations of this role include but are not limited to the following:
Assist in gathering testers for various applications that depend or integrate
o Templates
o Plugins
o Macros
Help Coordinate and Oversee Testing efforts
Track and help resolve reported issues during pilot and prod
Work with IT Leads - assist in personally upgrading Exec Leadership and their admins.
Work with Employee Development on Training needs.
Collaborate and help develop communication strategy
If skillset exists ? Help with packaging Office Plugins and App-V 5 dependencies
This role directly aligns to project - Office 2016 Initiative. It supports our desire to remain current in lifecycle for products on business endpoints. (Laptops and VDI)
U.S. Locations: Global Locations:
Hauppauge, New York
Newark, Delaware
New York, New York
Tempe, Arizona
Hyderabad, India
Montego Bay, Jamaica