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Reference # : 18-00588 Title : Java Consultant
Location : Jersey City, NJ
Experience Level : Start Date : 03/09/2018  
Client: Genpact/Client
Location: Jersey City NJ

JD for requirements
The candidate should have good understanding and should be able to display usage on following :
Mandatory skills Core Java multithreading, SQL indexing, others Comm Skills
hash maps working, Joins, Financial Experience
deadlocks, SPs, 7-9 Years in coding exp
immutability, marshalling
Shallow and deep copy, queries,
collections, string modules
linked list,
hash set
time complexity,
computation time
U.S. Locations: Global Locations:
Hauppauge, New York
Newark, Delaware
New York, New York
Tempe, Arizona
Hyderabad, India
Montego Bay, Jamaica