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Reference # : 18-00071 Title : Control Engineer Consultant
Location : PHOENIX, AZ
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 01/29/2018 / 01/29/2020  
Waddell PLC-5 Upgrade Controls Contractor Scope of Services
Construction of the Waddell Pumping/Generating Plant at Lake Pleasant was completed in 1993. The plant contains four variable speed pumps and four pump/generators that can pump or generate depending upon the direction of flow. During the cooler months, the plant pumps water from the Central Arizona Project Canal into Lake Pleasant for storage. During the warmer months water is discharged from Lake Pleasant through the generators into the Central Arizona Project Canal and power is generated.

Plant operation is controlled through a SCADA system located at both the plant and CAWCD Headquarters. The control system consists of 13 Allen Bradley PLC-5 Programmable Logic Controllers and I/O in a Data Highway Plus network that is interfaced through Ethernet Gateways.

In preparation for migrating from the PLC-5 platform to ControlLogix, CAWCD seeks an individual to supplement CAWCD Engineers in documenting existing PLC code logic. This person may be an individual contractor or an employee of a consulting or contract firm that can, for a period of time, work at CAWCD's headquarters.

Scope of Work
Using existing Standard Operating Procedures and flow charts as a reference, create detailed Sequence of Operations and logic diagrams from the PLC code noting deviations from other documentation. This position requires working closely with CAWCD Controls Engineers. The primary reporting location will be at Central Arizona Project Headquarters but some time on site at the Waddell Pump/Generating Plant will be necessary. The duration of the assignment is 6-12 months total spread over 2 years depending upon the negotiated schedule.

Initial work will document the code for one pump controller and one pump/generator controller. Subsequent work will focus on other control systems in the plant.

? Bachelor's in engineering plus 10 years' experience
? 5 or more years programming PLC-5
? Ability to create logic diagrams and sequences of operations
? Ability to read and markup flow charts
? Ability to read and markup electrical prints
? Hydro Power experience a plus
U.S. Locations: Global Locations:
Hauppauge, New York
Newark, Delaware
New York, New York
Tempe, Arizona
Hyderabad, India
Montego Bay, Jamaica