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Reference # : 18-00068 Title : Security Consultant QRadar
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 01/09/2018  
Security Consultant QRadar
LOB (drop down) ITS
Pricing: NTS, EASP, DSS (drop down) NTS
Vertical or Industry: (drop down)
Matrix code: APM
Matrix Pricing:
Above Matrix/Exception pricing permitted? (Y/N): If Y Max BR $140.00
Number of CDI Employees currently in group: 1
Previously Placed Fastpath Hires with Manager? (Y/N): no
IBM Looking internally for candidates? (Y/N): no
New position or replacement: new
Expectation of start date (not ASAP): 1-Jan-18
Duration: 31-Jul
Expectation of submittal response (# days ? not ASAP): 3
Expectation of Feedback response (# days ? not ASAP): 4 days
Decision Maker (IBM Manager or End Client) IBM and Client
Selection process (resume, phone interview, in-person, etc.) resume, interview IBM, interview Client decision
# of Positions: 1
End Client Name: United Airline
Work Location Address: (if remote include preferred location): Houston TX
On Call: Y/N yes
Travel Req: Y/N no
Weekends: Y/N possible
Shift / Hours: 1
US Citizenship Required: Y/N No
Visa/GC Candidates Allowed: Y/N yes but strong clear communication skills are important. They will be working with multiple non native english speakers from multiple countries so strong communication is important.
Detailed Job Description and responsibilities. Include qualification requirements i.e. education, certifications, years' experience, end client, industry or vertical knowledge, specific tools or software, top 3 skills and "must haves? vs. "nice to haves?. This roll would be working with another Internal IBM Sr Lead QRadar security Consultant as well as directly with the client's security and infrastructure teams.

Technical QRadar specialist focused on improving and expanding existing SIEM deployment. Tasks may include any of the following:
a. for governance:
(1) review SIEM governance activities; and
(2) provide governance recommendations, if applicable; and
b. for user experience:
(1) solicit Client user feedback on usability and SIEM System performance;
(2) conduct Use Case development workshops to identify existing Use Cases and new Use Cases, analyze Use Case efficacy and outcomes, and make recommendations, if applicable;
(3) recommend implementation specifics and schedule, if applicable;
(4) develop or modify Reports, if applicable;
(5) develop or modify Rules, if applicable; and
(6) conduct knowledge transfer sessions; and
c. for technology:
(1) review SIEM System architecture and make recommendations for updates, if applicable;
(2) review Log Source integrations;
(3) review open Tickets and/or Issues, if any;
(4) conduct SIEM System troubleshooting, if needed;
(5) integrate additional Log Sources, if needed;
(6) assist Client with directing Log Sources to SIEM System, if requested;
(7) deploy additional SIEM Agents (appliances, modules, etc.), if needed;
(8) analyze the SIEM System configuration as it relates to your target state success criteria which may include but is not limited to:
(a) Rules analysis and optimization;
(b) Log Source and event analysis;
(c) Offense analysis; and
(9) perform advanced tuning, if needed, to maximize Client's SIEM System investment; and
(10) assist Client with Simulated Live Operations activities.
(11) perform other QRadar SIEM related activities as requested by Client.
U.S. Locations: Global Locations:
Hauppauge, New York
Newark, Delaware
New York, New York
Tempe, Arizona
Hyderabad, India
Montego Bay, Jamaica