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MVP Consulting Plus Jobs

Reference # : 20-00862 Title : Sr Data Warehouse Developer (ETL; Data Modeler; ITSM tickets; Oracle 10g/11g; PL/SQL)
Location : Albany, NY
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 08/24/2020  
Minimum Qualifications:
A Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 4 years of professional experience in a substance use disorder, health, or mental health area as described below. A Master's degree or J.D. with 3 years of noted professional experience; or a doctorate with 2 years of noted professional experience.

Data Warehouse Modeling Duties and Qualifications:
  • Review and evaluate user requirements and processes to create data models that align with business requirements;
  • Create data models using various tools such as ER Studio, TOAD and SQL Developer;
  • Perform data analysis/profiling and creating logical data mapping in conjunction with Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) developers;
  • Conduct data model reviews with Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) developers & technical lead;
  • Develop and implement comprehensive documentation & test plans to ensure that data models are accurately designed, tested and debugged;
  • Document & submit ITSM tickets to support system migration & implementation;
  • Participate in team meetings to determine software application needs and implement the same into a functional design;
  • Participate in troubleshooting & diagnosing data anomalies;

ETL Developing Duties and Qualifications:
  • Designing data mappings to perform Extract/Transform/Load(ETL) of heterogeneous source applications including ORACLE and flat files using Informatica PowerCenter
  • Participate in data model reviews with data modeler & technical lead;
  • Develop, implement and maintain ETL code based on data models developed to support business features;
  • Coordinate with technical lead to analyze business requirements, develop technical specifications, and design ETL modules;
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues related to Informatica Production MDM data loads and transformations;
  • Document & submit ITSM tickets to support system migration & implementation;
  • Participate in team meetings to determine software application needs and implement the same into a functional design

Other Apps Experience:
  • Experience in Oracle 10g or 11g utilizing JDeveloper or similar tool
  • Experience in Oracle PL/SQL development utilizing J Developer, Toad and/or Oracle SQL Developer
  • Experience in Unix shell script development
  • Strong Analytical and Troubleshooting skills
  • Team Player

Preferred Qualifications:
Demonstrated experience implementing projects of similar size and complexity is desirable, including examples of projects and references who can speak to the success of those projects. Candidates should have strong project management, writing, and oral communication skills; ability to work cooperatively with diverse stakeholders; and ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Other qualifications include the ability to adapt to a fast-paced work environment with changing needs and priorities; proficiency in Microsoft Excel or Access, Word, Visio Professional, PowerPoint, collaboration tools such as SharePoint and Web Ex; and experience querying databases and analyzing data from disparate sources. Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States.

Examples of non-qualifying experience include but ARE NOT limited to:
  • Writing queries or reports from a data warehouse subject area.
  • Responsibility limited to adding single items to existing data warehouse.
  • Doing quality control testing for data warehouse subject areas.
  • Information technology-related responsibilities such as hardware installation, network configuration, and software administration.
  • Development of instructional materials and classroom training for a data warehouse.
    Training and Security Requirements:
Contractors are required to complete mandatory workplace training.
Confidentiality agreements and network access permissions may be required in this position. Contractors need their Driver's License or Non-Driver Identification Card in order to apply for building and suite access cards. Standard VPN and/or Internet/Computer use permissions will be required. Fingerprinting may be required for some projects.