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Date Title Job # Company/Department Location
04/17/2018 Administrative Assistant Fellow 18-00107 National Park Service Washington, District of Columbia
04/10/2018 Outdoor Afro Operations Coordinator 18-00106 Greening Youth Foundation Oakland, California
04/06/2018 Boston Urban Connections Resource Assistant 18-00105 USDA Forest Service Boston, Massachusetts
04/03/2018 WERC Crew 18-00104 GYF
03/21/2018 Recreation Technician (IN) 18-00101 USDA Forest Service Bedford, Indiana
03/20/2018 Engineering Technician (SC) 18-00100 USDA Forest Service Columbia, South Carolina
03/20/2018 Engineering Technician (TX) 18-00099 USDA Forest Service Lukfin, Texas
03/20/2018 Engineering Technician (KY) 18-00098 USDA Forest Service Golden Pond, Kentucky
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (AR) 18-00097 USDA Forest Service Hector, Arkansas
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (FL) 18-00096 USDA Forest Service Silver Springs, Florida
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (TX) 18-00095 USDA Forest Service Lukfin, Texas
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (VA) 18-00094 USDA Forest Service Natural Bridge Station, Virginia
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (AL) 18-00093 USDA Forest Service Tuskegee, Alabama
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (TN) 18-00092 USDA Forest Service Benton, Tennessee
03/20/2018 Forestry Technician (NC) 18-00091 USDA Forest Service Mars Hill, North Carolina
03/20/2018 Archaeologist Intern (Big Creek, KY) 18-00090 USDA Forest Service Big Creek, Kentucky
03/20/2018 Archaeologist Intern (London, KY) 18-00089 USDA Forest Service London, Kentucky
03/20/2018 Archaeologist Intern (TX) 18-00088 USDA Forest Service Lufkin, Texas
03/20/2018 Archaeologist Intern (Golden Pond, KY) 18-00087 USDA Forest Service Golden Pond, Kentucky
03/20/2018 Archaeologist Intern (NC) 18-00086 USDA Forest Service Asheville, North Carolina
03/14/2018 Forester Intern (OH) 18-00085 USDA Forest Service Nelsonville, Ohio
03/13/2018 Recreation and Partnership Resource Assistant 18-00084 USDA Forest Service Tofte, Minnesota
03/13/2018 Community Engagement Intern 18-00083 National Park Service Moose, Wyoming
03/05/2018 Urban Food Forest Crew 18-00082 GYF
03/05/2018 Urban Food Forest Supervisor 18-00081 GYF Georgia
02/28/2018 Fire and Aviation Intern 18-00080 USDA Forest Service Bayfield, Colorado
02/27/2018 Public Relations Specialist Intern (OH) 18-00079 USDA Forest Service Nelsonville, Ohio
02/27/2018 Partnership and Recreation Resource Assistant 18-00078 USDA Forest Service Missouri
02/20/2018 Urban Conservation Crew 18-00074 GYF
02/07/2018 Biological Research Intern 18-00013 USDA Forest Service Atlanta, Georgia
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