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Date Title Job # Company/Department Location
06/16/2017 Non-Native Invasive Species Crew 17-00232 USDA Forest Service Ava, Missouri
06/15/2017 Cultural Resources Intern 17-00231 National Park Service Christiansted, Virgin Islands
06/14/2017 Economist 17-00230 USDA Forest Service Milwaukee, Wisconsin
06/02/2017 Cultural Resources NHL Intern 17-00223 National Park Service Atlanta, Georgia
06/02/2017 Cultural Resources GIS Intern 17-00222 National Park Service Atlanta
06/02/2017 Natural Resource Specialist 17-00221 USDA Forest Service Milwaukee, Wisconsin
06/02/2017 Recreation Planner (MI) 17-00219 USDA Forest Service Manistee, Michigan
06/02/2017 Recreation Planner (PA) 17-00218 USDA Forest Service Marion, Pennsylvania
06/02/2017 Public Relations Specialist (WI) 17-00217 USDA Forest Service Rhinelander, Wisconsin
06/02/2017 Public Relations Specialist (MO) 17-00216 USDA Forest Service Doniphan, Missouri
06/02/2017 Public Relations Specialist (WV) 17-00215 USDA Forest Service Petersburg, West Virginia
06/02/2017 Public Relations Specialist (IL) 17-00214 USDA Forest Service Harrisburg, Illinois
06/02/2017 Public Relations Specialist (NH) 17-00213 USDA Forest Service Campton, New Hampshire
06/02/2017 Public Relations Specialist (OH) 17-00212 USDA Forest Service Nelsoville, Ohio
06/01/2017 Interdisciplinary Specialist 17-00211 USDA Forest Service Washburn, Wisconsin
06/01/2017 Natural Resource Specialist (Geospatial) 17-00210 USDA Forest Service Milwaukee, Wisconsin
06/01/2017 Fire Planning Specialist 17-00209 USDA Forest Service Milwaukee, Wisconsin
06/01/2017 Realty Specialist 17-00208 USDA Forest Service Bedford, Indiana
05/22/2017 Communication and Digital Media Specialist 17-00175 Fish and Wildlife Service District of Columbia
05/17/2017 Communication and Digital Media Intern 17-00174 National Park Service Colorado
05/05/2017 Communication and Digital Media Specialist 17-00173 National Park Service
04/26/2017 Information Technology Assistant Internship 17-00169 Everglades National Park Florida
04/12/2017 Timber Marker 17-00163 USDA Forest Service Double Springs, Alabama
03/31/2017 Creating Responsible Outdoor Communities Internship   17-00150 Everglades National Park Florida
03/27/2017 Visitor Services Intern 17-00147 Everglades National Park Florida
03/25/2017 Web Editor Intern 17-00146 Patagonia Ventura, California
10/19/2016 SEMO Education Intern 16-00208 National Park Service Hayneville, Alabama
08/01/2016 CHIP Volunteer 16-00131 Greening Youth Foundation Atlanta, Georgia
07/27/2016 SERO Heritage Documentation Intern 16-00125 National Park Service Atlanta
04/11/2016 Youth Programs Communications/Social Media Intern 16-00065 Confidential Washington D.C., District of Columbia
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