Ref No.: 17-02818
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
3 Month Contract

Job Description
  • Take daily direction from management and senior buyers.
  • Perform many of the tactical procurement duties in the Purchasing Organization.
  • Procure and expedite goods and services per the current "Terms and Conditions” with the assurance of maximum quality, minimum cost and timely delivery.
  • Collaborates with other functional organizations such a receiving, inspection and engineering to assure no product process bottlenecks.
  • Daily interaction with suppliers to ensure open commitment report is received and responded to by supply base.
  • Maintenance of records concerning government contracts, small business administration records, Purchase Order (PO) packages, including all justifications and approvals.
  • Maintenance of Equal Opportunity and Non-Segregated certifications.
  • Order material per "ERP” documents in conjunction with experience, history and economics.
  • Create PO package with all required documentation; i.e., Price Analysis, Justification Worksheet, PPV, Excess, etc.
  • Expedite critical shortages, reduce IR and SCAR counts, reduce open invoices, monitor, cancel and reschedule messages.
  • Perform purchase quantity analysis to obtain best possible price and reduce PPV.
  • Coordinate Marketing requests for proposals.
  • Use price model to perform material analysis.
  • Procure materials and services in a timely fashion on the basis of company requirements.
  • Continuously seek out new suppliers to increase supply resource, cost reduction and improve quality.
  • Maintain the current blueprint revision level and quality requirements.
  • Maintain purchase order files in compliance with the FAR.
  • Review price breaks and establish it with vendor for additional economic purchases versus high-level inventories.
  • Establish and maintain good relationship with vendors and strive to increase a business-like atmosphere.
  • Keep abreast of market prices, newly developed materials and manufacturing procedures.
  • Keep management informed of updated developments, which occur outside of the Company.
  • Ensures confidentiality of proprietary information – may require DOD security if access to classified information is necessary.
  • Maintains professional attitude.
  • Coordinates correspondence with suppliers on quality, delivery and PPV performance.
  • Maintains required reports and records including supplier corrective actions.
  • Keeps calendars and schedules, makes travel arrangements.
  • Typing, filing, shorthand, as required.
  • Utilizes personal computer for word processing and spreadsheet applications.
  • General knowledge of SPD organization structure, products and policies.
  • Other duties as required.
  • 1-3 years experience in purchasing and buying activities.
  • Training in the use of MRP system.
  • General knowledge of office procedures and departmental/company policies.
  • Ability to understand engineering documents.
  • Interpreting negotiated contracts.
  • Strong ability to reason.
  • Understanding of MRP System and the effect it has on inventories and purchases.
  • Written and verbal communications.
  • Knowledge of personal computers - Microsoft Office products: Excel, Word