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CW Cloud Automation Engineer / Chef Developer (662939)
Ref No.: 18-05949
Location: Plano, Texas
Timesheet Submission Frequency:Weekly
Invoice submission frequency:Weekly
Timesheet Instructions for Consultants:Consultant will use Clients system to enter time
Reason for contingent headcount?
Our Client Cloud Initiative
What is the project(s) name?
What are the key objectives for this resource (project summary)?
Able to work with application teams, governance teams, and other infrastructure developers to gather requirements and design an end to end solution.
Able to understand a complex manual process and provide a simple and friendly user experience through an automated process.
Plan, Design, and Implement Cloud/Infrastructure Automation.
Plan, Design, and Implement Infrastructure Configuration Management and Infrastructure Automation standards.
Extensive knowledge of Chef Server (set up, run, and maintain), Cookbook creation, Chef Environment Maintenance, & Version pinning.
Experience with Artifactory (set up, run, and maintain), Repo naming conventions, tagging, troubleshooting, HA and DR configuration, Mission control management (XRay knowledge is a plus).
Experience in deploying Ansible within an enterprise, Playbook development, and able to troubleshoot and maintain the Ansible environment
In depth scripting knowledge: JavaScript, Ruby, Unix Shell, PowerShell, JSON, and YAML (As these apply to AWS CloudFormation templates and Terraform Scripts preferred).
Knowledge of market trends and best practices of cloud computing.
Establish services, processes and tools to support cloud presence.
Analyze existing technology and define new architectures for cloud design and define migration strategies.
Implement environment build and execute migration strategy.
What specific Our Client departments will they interact with?
Cloud vendor
Server / Storage / Network Design and Engineering Team.
Service Management
Application Teams
How long is this project (please be specific)?
6 Months (likely extensions)

List the position Requirements:
Must Haves:
3+ Years’ experience of scripting (Unix Shell, PowerShell, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python).
3+ Years’ experience working with Chef Enterprise, Cookbook development, Automate, Inspec/Compliance.
3+ Years’ experience working with Ansible Community edition and/or RedHat Ansible Tower, Playbook development.
3+ Years’ experience working with JSON, YAML, and Git Markdown language.
2+ Years’ exposure working with Hybrid Cloud Solution offering IaaS, PaaS and XaaS.
2+ Years exposure with VMware Virtualization.
2+ Years exposure with CloudFormation Templates.
2+ Years exposure with Terraform scripts.
2+ Years exposure with AWS and Azure service offerings (compute, storage, network, content delivery, database, analytics, big data, management, monitoring).
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Comfortable with web technologies including HTTPS, SSL/TLS, and REST.
Ability to have an open dialog with an application team, learn their application’s function and API to build extensive integrations.
Preferred/ Nice-to-haves:
Certification on AWS, Azure architecture.
Certification on Chef (All five badges)
Exposure with Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) for Cloud Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration(VMWare/RedHat Cloudforms).
Experience in ServiceNow Scripting (Catalog, Workflow, and Orchestration Design)
Experience working with VMWare vRA and vRO
Experience working with Oracle Virtualization (OVM)
Experience working with IP Management Solutions (Infoblox IPAM).
Experience working with Symantec Netbackup for the Virtual Infrastructure.