Previous Job
Email Security consultant
Ref No.: 18-04152
Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Job Functions
  • On a daily basis, reviewing the emails contained with a shared mailbox or Email quarantine.
  • The emails in the shared mailbox will be ones tagged by our gateway where the IP was not defined in the Senders SPF Sender Policy Framework record.
  • Steps would be to review the sender IP, Mail From, Header from Fields and the contents of the mail to determine if it was a legitimate, friendly spoofed or possibly a malicious spoofed email.
  • For emails that are possibly maliciously spoofed, further actions would be required such as alerting the team members so that the recipients of the emails can be notified.
  • Assembling weekly metrics on the number of emails that were tagged as either Soft Fail or Hard Fail.
  • Reporting on the number of emails that fell into each of these categories and that were deemed legitimate, friendly spoofed or malicious spoofed.
  • Moving emails in the appropriate folders based on the tagged category and then whether legitimate, friendly spoofed or malicious spoofed.
  • Reviewing emails that have been quarantined for containing suspicious URL s within the message body.
  • Extracting these URLs that were rated as suspicious and determine if the email and URLs are indeed legitimate or spam malicious.
  • Compiling a weekly report of these emails and URLs which were identified as suspicious but are determined to be legitimate.
  • Creating additional reports metrics as required for both functions above.
Skills and competencies:
  • Solid understanding of Email Hygiene filtering, Email Sender Verification, email message flow.
  • Experience in one or more of the following programming languages PowerShell, Python or VBScript.
  • Ability to manage time and multiple tasks priorities.
  • Attention to detail , clear and concise writing skills.
  • Considerable knowledge of Excel with the ability to create charts dashboards.

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