Ref No.: 18-02883
Location: Hoboken, NJ, New Jersey
Position Type:Direct Placement
Timesheet Submission Frequency:Weekly
Invoice submission frequency:Monthly
Timesheet Instructions for Consultants:Time/Expenses are to be entered on Kaygen s JobDiva Portal
anshul US_Niche_kaygen_chaturvedi sent you requisition Oracle Apps DBA Consultant for review.
JOB CODE: 23183
TITLE: Oracle Apps DBA Consultant
LOCATION: Hoboken, NJ, United States
DURATION: Fulltime

Primary skills: Oracle DB administration for a enterprise production environment  :
  • Creates and maintains all oracle databases required for development, testing, production usage.
  • Performs the capacity planning required to create and maintain the databases.
  • Performs ongoing tuning of the database instances.
  • Install new versions of the Oracle RDBMS and its tools and any other tools that access the Oracle database.
  • Plans and implements backup and recovery of the Oracle database.
  • Controls migrations of programs, database changes, reference data changes and other DB changes through the development life cycle.
  • Implements and enforces security for all of the Oracle Databases.
  • Performs database re-organizations as required to assist performance and ensure maximum uptime of the database.
  • Puts standards in place to ensure that all application design and code is produced with proper integrity, security and performance. The DBA will perform
  • reviews on the design and code frequently to ensure the site standards are being adhered to.
  • Planning is also performed by the DBA, along with the application developers and System administrators, to ensure that any new product usage or release
upgrade takes place with minimal impact.
  • Provides technical support to application development teams. This is usually in the form of a help desk.
  • Enforces and maintains database constraints to ensure integrity of the database.
  • Administers all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  • Assists with impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects.
  • Troubleshoots with  problems regarding the databases, applications and development tools.
  • Create new database users as required.
  • Manage sharing of resources amongst applications.
In addition the DBA should possess the following skills
  • A good knowledge of the operating system(s)
  • A good knowledge of physical database design
  • Ability to perform both Oracle and also operating system performance monitoring and the necessary adjustments.
  • Excellent knowledge of Oracle backup and recovery scenarios.
  • Good skills in all Oracle tools.
  • good knowledge of Oracle security management.
  • good knowledge of how Oracle acquires and manages resources.
  • Experience and knowledge in migrating code, database changes, data and menus through the various stages of the development life cycle.
  • good knowledge of the way Oracle enforces data integrity.
  • sound knowledge of both database and program code performance tuning.
  • DBA should have sound communication skills in order to function effectively management, development teams, vendors, systems administrators and other related service providers
Secondary Skill :
  • MS SQL DB administration with the above listed responsibilities in mind
  • Postgre DB Administration with the above listed responsibilities in mind.