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.Net Developer
Ref No.: 18-02664
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Timesheet Submission Frequency:Weekly
Invoice submission frequency:Monthly
Timesheet Instructions for Consultants:Time/Expenses are to be entered on Kaygen s JobDiva Portal
Description: Responsibilities
  • Use specialist skills and experience as Developer to design the software in detail, working with other Leads, Developers and product owner and other stake holders on a product team.
  • Work under guidance on developing classes, interfaces, data structures and algorithms that are elegant, efficient, modular, reusable, testable and maintainable & follow good software design practices.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the languages, tools and libraries on the company technology stacks for server-side web service development.
  • When developing software, ensure the relevant parts of the Software Requirements Specification and the Software Architecture are understood, raising queries to the Business and other Lead Developer as required.
  • Take responsibility for the quality of all written code, ensuring that it is clear, concise, well structured, efficient and well documented with code comments.
  • Implement, maintain and run unit tests to check the correctness of your code.
  • Ensure your code is modular, with a separation of concerns to allow unit tests to be written – design for testability.
  • Ensure that unit tests provide 100% coverage of your code (of the modules under test) and ensure they cover the relevant combinations of inputs, outputs and error conditions.
Technical Skills:
  • C# .Net Framework,
  • MVC 4.0,
  • Knockout js,
  • Sql Server,
  • WCF,
  • Angular 2.0,
  • TypeScript,
  • Web API,
  • Entity Framework
Key Skills: MVC 4.0, Knockout js,Sql Server, WCF
Angular 2.0, TypeScript, MVC 4.0, Web API, Entity Framework