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TECHNICAL WRITER - ENGINEERING (Non-Payrolled) : 18-00084
Ref No.: 18-00084
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Primary Skills : Technical Writer,Tracing,Debugging, Simple Software Logic
Duration : 3 + Months
Type : W2

Technical Writer
30 hours/ week
  • Project Management Systems (Project Mgt daily operations.  How to initiate a new project or program.) 
  • Creating project workspace.
  • Creating a program (collection of related projects) in Smartsheet.
  • Moving a project from 'proposed' state to active.
  • Linking project data into PPM systems (Project & portfolio reporting, PPR analysis, resource planning (pending.))
  • Mapping of Smartsheet data dependencies - i.e. what sheets/columns need to have specific values to prevent breaking our systems -vs- what data is only informational and can be altered, moved, deleted.+ Data that is original source data -vs- linked data or read-only (report) data.
  • Monthly operating reporting system – Monthly reporting (such as BSC, Get to Green reporting) has been semi-automated to greatly reduce the time required to deliver the MOR. Mapping data sources, processing logic and flow to MOR systems needs to be documented to continue utilizing existing automated methods:
    • BSC -  Financials, import into Smartsheet & visualized in Tableau.  Transition to new fiscal year/ new KPIs.
    • Misc Smartsheet data - operationalized to feed the BSC. Map the data sources: what is updated via regular, daily operations (PSRs) and what is entered monthly by PMO (or others) specifically to feed the MOR.
  • Project Portfolio Roadmap (PPR) visualized in Tableau.  Some documentation is in place & code is documented to some extent. An expert could understand how the PPR is built, given time to investigate it. Documentation needed to enable a new admin to maintain the PPR:
    • Document how data flows from Smartsheet (& tie in above documentation regarding SS data dependencies) through Alteryx, into Tableau. Include where it is stored (Alteryx & Tableau servers, how to access WIP and Production servers), logic used to join data, limitations on data processing.
    • Map fields from Smartsheet through to Tableau. (Directly tie field to field, logic & calculations and location of those calculations.)
    • How to publish data (daily runs), how to edit & publish tableau changes.
Additional :
  • Assist in documenting resource planning model. (a pending project.)
  • Assist with creating a standard methodology for rolling out new (or changed) processes.   e.g. communication checklists & channels, standard training materials, reinforcement, assessment/ check-in post implementation.
  • Identify/Recommend improvements or efficiencies in current toolsets. 

  Please apply directly with your updated resume or call Sagar at :  408-816-2474