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Facility Services Account Operations Manager
Ref No.: 17-01646
Location: Ada, Michigan
Pay Rate : $ 38,000.00 - 44,000.00 /Year
Leads, manages and works with a team of supervisors and custodians working in administrative, industrial, and other operational areas, assuring that facilities are cleaned and maintained in compliance with customer requirements, sanitation regulations, within the parameters of the EG service delivery model and EG values. Also is responsible for managing and expanding business relationships with client. The focus of the position is leadership, management, assuring operational performance, and hands on, participatory involvement.
  1. Bachelor degree in a facilities related field or 5+ years of equivalent facilities industry experience, with 2+ years in a management position. Experience in custodial services and floor care with a working knowledge of industry product information are required. Building maintenance knowledge is desirable.
  2. Must be a strong team-player and coach, with the demonstrated ability to successfully manage, lead, & direct the work of supervisory and custodial staff.
  3. Creative, flexible, and innovative operational leader with strong organizational and problem-solving/ analytical skills, acute attention to detail and the ability to make timely and sound decisions.
  4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to communicate well and relate positively with all levels of the egms team as well as customer facility staff & building residents, including interacting senior level management.
  5. Demonstrated ability to rely on experience and judgment to plan and meet/exceed goals on schedule while working within established parameters and fluid priorities with enthusiasm.
  6. Understanding and ability to perform general custodial duties and do heavy lifting.
  7. Proficient in the use of computers (email/MS Office/G-Suite), simple machinery and cleaning equipment. 
  • Long periods of standing and/or walking
  • Repetitive reaching, bending, twisting, stooping, kneeling and crawling
  • Long periods of repetitive arm, hand, and finger use
  • Constant gripping and grasping
  • Frequent lifting, including overhead lifting, up to 30 pounds
  • Pushing and/or pulling up to 50 lbs.
  • Ability to climb stairs and ladders
  • Must be able to safely work with chemical agents/and or soap
  • Non-latex gloves, leather/closed toed shoes must be worn. Safety glasses required in production areas. 
  • May be exposed to unsanitary conditions, unpleasant odors, and biohazard substances.
  • Ability to work in outdoor elements, such as heat or cold.
  • Actively participate in snow removal activities, including shoveling, moving bags of salt, etc.
  1. Assure teams are prepared and enabled for success
    1. Assure teams are properly staffed.
    2. Assure the team has clearly defined expectations, objectives, processes and procedures.
    3. Assure team members are capable of performing their assigned work.
    4. Assure team members clearly understand their roles, responsibilities and expectations.
    5. Assure that teams have the tools and resources necessary to complete their work.
  2. Assure all work is safely completed to standard and is in compliance with our business goals.
    1. Assist Operational Leaders in assuring assigned work is completed to standard following customer and EG policies, procedures and operational instructions.
    2. Assure the satisfactory and timely completion of corrective action, special requests, high profile work, and other work. This may include walkthroughs to assure work is completed to standard.
    3. Assure that work is completed in the most effective/efficient way possible, within established parameters, meeting the customer’s and EG’s business goals.
    4. Participate as a hands-on participant of the cleaning/floor care teams regularly as needed.
  3. Be an example in teamwork and communication
    1. Takes a leadership role in the establishment and modeling of our organizational culture.
    2. Demonstrates team leadership & positive, effective communication skills, acting as a mentor, and coach to supervisors and staff.
    3. Is an organizational leader promoting and facilitating a positive, cooperative work environment that includes the EG team, customer leadership, building residents and facilities staff.
    4. Act as a readily available escalation contact point and resolution advocate for human resources issues, operational issues, customer questions, special requests, concerns and complaints.

  1. Understands prospective client’s culture, organization structure and key decision makers.
  2. Assist in the development and take a leadership role in the execution of objectives and strategies to develop a high-value relationship with client.
  3. Maintains and develops client relations, assuring all stakeholders are contacted regularly to ensure customer satisfaction, including regular interaction with senior management of client.
  4. Analyzes existing and anticipated client needs and promote value-add company services to meet such requirements
  5. Seeks ways to reduce costs; implements cost savings programs and procedures to increase efficiency for both EG and the customer.
  6. Participates in the definition and prioritization of, then leads to successful on-time completion of operational improvement projects and initiatives.
Operational Management
  1. Develop and maintain a high level of operational expertise in industry, EG and customer policies, processes and procedures.
  2. Oversees and coordinates daily operations and staff over three shifts, managing as defined by Service Level Agreement with client and EG business objectives, policies & procedures.
  3. Assigns duties and monitors quality of work; oversees/manages schedules and workflow; assures staff conforms to organizational policies and procedures and safety regulations.
  4. Coaches and deals with all employees in a fair and equitable manner.
  5. Is an important part of the hiring process, then provides guidance and oversight of EG team members actively working to promote and recognize performance.
  6. Assures new and ongoing employee are operationally and safety trained.
  7. Interfaces with appropriate client contacts to receive information regarding needs; ensures timely response to requests
  8. Manages/communicates/escalates Human Resources issues in a timely manner.
  9. Manages/communicates/escalates service performance and other customer issues in a timely manner.
  10. Assures the timely satisfactory completion of required work communication and documentation.
  11. Assures the appropriate inventories, use, care and maintenance of supplies and equipment.
  12. Take an active role in the design & operation of cleaning process & procedures.
  13. Advise on the selection and use of equipment, supplies, and services.
  14. Actively participates in the performance audit process.
  15. Generates weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, tracking work as specified by manager.
  16. Directly supervises and assists staff in delivering services as needed.
  17. Check Email, voicemail and work orders at the beginning of each shift & on a regular basis each day.