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Database Architect
Ref No.: 17-00309
Location: SFO, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 07/24/2017
  • develop coding and development standards for MySQL database 
  • monitor and optimize MySQL database. 
  • refactor individual database objects if needed to meet or exceed the performance requirements of USAC
  • review database objects created by developers. Identify bottlenecks and red flags in the code.
  • advise development team on the efficient use of the database
  • as needed, perform migration of large volume of data to and from the cloud-based MySQL database
  • as needed, provide some adhoc database support to the business teams  to run specific queries/reports
  • write complex database routines (the DBA or Data architect at USAC should be able to write complex stored procedures, views, queries). The day to day admin tasks that most DBAs are familiar with (like backup, restore, security, etc) are handled by the cloud team. There are some DBAs that don't specialize in writing complex db code but this is a must-have at USAC.
  • implement and maintain Git version control
  • participate in Architecture Review Board