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N/C Programmer
Ref No.: 17-07688
Location: Palmdale, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 10/30/2017
Job Category:Non-IT Engineering
  • Develops and writes programs for numerically controlled machines using engineering specifications and drawings.
  • Analyzes engineering drawings to define configuration of parts and determine type and sequence of machine operations.
  • Develops programs for machining parts, tools, or sheet metal on numerically controlled machine tools.
  • Makes proper cutter selections for each part, taking into consideration such factors as speeds, types of cutters, feeds, and control system limitations.
  • Selects program routines for the most efficient computer calculation of dimensional and machining requirements for each part.
  • Tests and modifies existing parts programs for engineering changes or program improvements.

  • Catia V5, Vericut V8, ICAM, Microsoft Suite Skills.

Skill Matrix
Skill Name Description Years Mandatory(Yes/No)
NC Programmer   9-10 Years Yes