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Research Associate - Pharma
Ref No.: 20-00468
Location: Summit, New Jersey
Job Description:
  • The Oncogenesis Thematic Research Center (TRC) is built on our immunomodulatory compounds that have been used for a range of cancers (e.g. multiple myeloma, DLBCL) and are currently also being developed for solid tumors.
  • This class of drugs targets "undruggable proteins, thereby achieving therapeutic efficacy in a range of indications.
  • Our Early Translational Development team in the Oncogenesis TRC is seeking a Research Associate to assist translational research and biomarker development for our clinical trials.
  • This will include the development of biomarker assays, biomarker identification, carrying out mechanism of action (MOA) studies, and generation of data that supports patient stratification and the pharmacodynamic (PD) evaluation of drugs in the clinical setting.
  • The successful candidate will work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary environment, and will have the opportunity to work closely with discovery project teams and scientists across the TRC functional areas and to present his or her work at project team meetings and to the senior research leadership.
  • Maintain cell cultures (including BSL-2 level techniques), expand and characterize cancer cell lines.
  • Perform drug dose response curves using automated drug dispensers and/or liquid handlers in combination with luminescence/fluorescence or flow cytometry read-outs to measure cell proliferation and/or apoptosis.
  • Perform cellular mechanism of action studies.
  • Proficient with BCA assay, Western Blotting, MSD or ELISA, PCR and multicolor FACS.
  • Conduct biomarker assay development and validation experiments using various immunoassays across various platforms.
  • Handling human tissues including whole blood, PBMC isolation from buffy coats, using MACS to isolate selected immune cell populations.
  • Perform T-cell mediated target cell cytotoxicity assays.
  • Maintain electronic lab notebook (ELN) and organize results into organized reports or presentations.

  • This position requires an individual with MS (minimum of 1-2 years of experience) or BS degree (minimum of 4-6 years of experience) in biology with experience in biotech or pharma (or equivalent).
  • Relevant technical skills include: designing and performing cell-based assays, performing dose-response curves with experimental small molecules and/or biologicals, cancer cell signaling analysis using Western blotting or other techniques, multicolor flow cytometry, Q-PCR, MSD (MesoScale), ELISA, and data analysis including appropriate statistical analysis. Excellent cell culture technique (BSL-2) is a must.
  • Experience in using electronic notebook (ELN) is preferred. Experience with genetic targeting (siRNA, CRISPR/Cas9) is a plus.
  • The candidate may also perform MACS-based immune cell isolation (e.g. using buffy coats or LRS) and T-cell mediated cytotoxicity assays.
  • Additional requirements include scientific flexibility and commitment to excellence; strong organization skills and attention to details.
  • The ideal candidate is self-motivated and has strong interpersonal and communication skills with an ability for creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Ability to follow laboratory procedures with attention to detail, and successfully execute experiments at the bench and reporting back to supervisor and other project team members (presentations, ELN, study reports).
  • Proficient in mammalian cell culture.
  • Experience with a variety of cell based assays (luminescence or fluorescence-based).
  • Proficient in the use of lentiviral transduction and/or plasmid based transfection methods.
  • Experience with gene expression analysis (e.g. Q-PCR)
  • Experience with biomarker assay development (e.g. immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, MSD).
  • Familiar with application of multicolor flow cytometry techniques and analysis.
  • Proficient in the use of data management tools and software for analyzing data sets from various assay formats (FlowJo, GraphPad Prism, Microsoft Office Suite).
  • Familiar with calculating IC50 values and other parameters from dose-response assays.
  • Good understanding of cancer biology, molecular biology and cell biology (solid tumors and/or hematological malignancies).
  • Excellent organization, communication and presentation skills.