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Broker Developer
Ref No.: 18-01508
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Required Skills
  • Minimum 7 Years Experience with writing application software, data analysis, data access, data structures, data manipulation, databases, design, programming, testing and implementation
  • Minimum 7 Years Experience with IBM WebSphere Message Broker flow development and Administration
  • Minimum 7 Years Experience with IBM WebSphere Message Queues
  • Minimum 7 Years Knowledge of SOA trends, SOA standards, XML, XSLT, SOAP, XML Schemas and WSDL usage POSITION NUMBER: 23 PROJECT NAME: Streamlined POS 3.0 DSS JOB TITLE: Broker Developer

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Streamlined POS project aims to modernize and improve the interview, change actions and processing for the users of the Paperless Office System (POS) in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). By ensuring that activities in the SNAP classic POS are redesigned, integrated, or automated in subsequent phases of SPOS, this project will increase worker efficiency by ensuring full functionality, provide application stability and ensure best use.

Tasks & Duties
  • Develop system design specification
  • Develop and prepares documents for the general design of solutions that meet system and security requirements, including the selection of alternative approaches
  • Develop specifications for databases, communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software configurations.
  • Develop, compiles, maintains and documents configurations of the following: databases, servers, computers, security and network monitor systems, packaged programs, macros, utilities, and communication systems.
  • Perform System Design/Coding
  • Create, test and maintain program code
  • Design reports, audit trails/logs, security mechanisms
  • Provide general programming assistance to other MIS programmers/projects as may be needed.
  • Perform Testing/Evaluation
  • Tests programs and systems and integrates system modules.
  • Provide support for IBM Message Broker - message flows, Queues and Web Services
Develop, implements, and monitors information