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Python Developer
Ref No.: 18-01183
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Job Desciption
Network Automation team is seeking a Developer to join our engineering team. We provide network automation API's for network capabilities including; creation of url's, creation of various types of DNS names, creation of subnets using SDN, traffic routing, monitoring and diagnostics. These capabilities are integrated with BXP our Cloud Enabling Platform which is currently managing placement of applications on our private cloud and soon to be managing placement across public cloud providers as well.

· Conduct the research, design, and implementation of software components powering our private cloud platform
· Develop features in an agile environment where we quickly prototype and iterate on functionality
· Develop robust functionality in a complex, distributed systems, code base
· Work extensively with open source software and open standards. You may even modify or extend code maintained as part of an open source project
· Deploy critical services and features that are used by thousands of developers and potentially impact millions of end users
· Employ both Object Orientated development skills and systems engineering skills.

· Object Oriented and systems engineering (linux) skills
· Ability to code in languages such as java, groovy, golang, python
· Ability to architect solutions around tools like Mesos, Kubernetes, and Docker
· Experience with automating networking constructs (Url's, DNS, Subnets) on a large global network incorporating multiple datacenters across different geographic regions
· Experience with cloud native network routing products such as Avi Networks
· Experience with using SDN for the creation of subnets and domains facilitating segmentation/microsegmentation. Experience with SDN products such as Nuage.
· Experience in private cloud / elastic runtime environment engineering
· Bachelor's degree in computer science engineering or a related discipline, or equivalent work experience required