Ref No.: 17-01798
Location: Gainesville, Florida

Essential Functions
Performs a pre-anesthetic assessment and evaluation of the patient. This includes obtaining an informed consent from the patient, requesting consultations and/or diagnostic studies and ordering pre-anesthetic medications.

Develops and implements an anesthetic plan of care. Performs an assessment immediately prior to induction of anesthesia of the patient. This shall include a review of the medical record with regard to completeness, pertinent laboratory data, time of administration and dosage of pre-anesthesia medication, together with an appraisal of any changes in the patient's condition from that noted on previous visits. This note shall include any previous anesthetic experiences and complications thereof noted in the medical record. Initiates the anesthetic plan by selecting the type of anesthesia.
Maintains the patient's physiologic homeostasis and corrects abnormal responses to the anesthesia and/or surgery. Collects and interprets patient physiological data by selecting, applying or inserting noninvasive monitoring modalities. Manages the patient's airway and pulmonary status.

Manages the patient's emergence and recovery from anesthesia by maintaining homeostasis, providing relief from pain and anesthesia side effects and preventing and managing complications through selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering medications, fluids or ventilatory support. The nurse anesthetist or his/her qualified designee is to remain with the patient as long as required by the patient's condition relative to his/her anesthesia status and until responsibility for proper patient care has been assumed by other qualified individuals. Personnel responsible for post-anesthetic care are to be advised of specific problems presented by the patient's condition.

Records all pertinent events taking place during the induction of, maintenance of and emergence from anesthesia, including the dosage and duration of all anesthetic agents, other drugs, intravenous fluids and blood or blood components on all patients that have received anesthesia care. Provides follow-up evaluation and care related to anesthesia complications and/or side effects.
Discharges or releases from the PACU according to established criteria.
Comply with all Federal, State, and local laws and organizational policies
Prepare all equipment and agents to be used in the administration of the anesthetic to be sure it is in safe working order. Report all malfunctioning equipment to the anesthesia technician and/or the Chief Nurse Anesthetist. The CRNA will check all resuscitative equipment prior to the beginning of the first surgery of the day. Any malfunctioning or missing equipment will be reported to the anesthesia technician and/or the Chief Nurse Anesthetist immediately.

Secondary Functions
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and the skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served. 
  • Cultural practices will be addressed and supported as long as such practices do not harm others or interfere with the planned course of medical therapy. 
  • Often required to operate in stressful situations, work early and late hours to best meet the needs of the patients, use appropriate grammar, and present a polished professional image.  
  • Demonstrate the organizations core values. Models ethical behavior and decision making. 
  • Other duties as assigned 

  • Ability to objectively and thoroughly evaluate patients preoperatively and obtain consults as necessary.  
  • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication.  
  • Ability to education patients and families regarding anesthetic technique and pain management.  
  • Ability to intubate, insert hemodynamic monitoring, perform regional anesthesia, provide post-anesthesia care. 
  • Ability to prioritize work, communicate sensitive information, maintain confidential information, maintain diplomacy during conflict, work collaboratively, meet deadlines, use process improvement to manage fluctuating and unpredictable workload.  
  • Ability to communicate professionally with people at all levels of the organization and outside agencies.  
  • Knowledge of conflict resolution and team building techniques. Ability to coach behavior and train.  
  • ACLS recommended.  
  • Continuing Education as required. 

Graduate Nurse Anesthetist must be eligible to sit for boards 

Education & Certifications
  • Graduate of an approved school of nursing and holding a current license in the State of Florida as a registered nurse.  
  • Graduate of a nurse anesthesia educational program accredited by the AANA Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs or its predecessor. 
  • Successfully completed the AANA Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists or its predecessor's certification examination. 
  • Meets the AANA Council on Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists biennial recertification criteria.
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