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Ref No.: 15-00753
Location: Abu Dhabi AE
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 06/09/2015
Our client, a Government based Oil and Gas Sector is looking forward to recruit for the position of "Wireline Specialist” in Abu Dhabi-Offshore.

Rotation Cycle
Job Purpose and Scope:
To supervise all Slickline operations carried out in (producer, injector, gas lift, and observer) wells in Offshore and where is required in addition to slick line operations performed in rigs and barges to achieve company targets while maintaining high HSE and integrity standards in accordance with the company policies and guidelines.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Supervise and guide all Wireline operations carried out by contractor teams, including:
  • Changing and maintaining sub-surface safety valves to ensure these are operating effectively as per WIMS standards in order to avoid and disturbance in production or injection and assure readiness in case of emergency.
  • Running pressure recorders for bottom hole surveys (BHCIP, PBU, PFO, BHFP, BHFG, BHIP, MRT, HRT, Interference test) and perform quality checks to validate survey issued reports prior communicating the data with concern departments in town.
  • Preparing wells for and returning them to a producible/ injection status prior and post logging, stimulations, workovers or new drillings in order to reduce the downtime.
  • Collect bottom hole samples and ensure safe transfer of sample equipment within the field and to company laboratory base.
  • Confirm integrity of Downhole nipples and tubing by preparing downhole WIMS program and convey integrity status to concern sections in town.
  • Prepare suitable programs for scale and Asphaltene checks in order to help town in scale monitoring in addition to preparing agitation programs for remedial stages to restore the integrity of the treated well.
  • Setting and recovering downhole plugs to secure any downhole abnormal condition or opening and closing sliding sleeves to divert production or injection from different reservoir zones.
  • Prepare and conduct fishing operations when is required to avoid barge/ rig intervention as possible.
  • Prepare schedules for daily, weekly and monthly work programs of crews and supervise contractors in the quality and timeliness of their performance.
  • Ensure that downhole operations are conducted at a minimum cost consistent with safety and overall efficiency and in accordance with standard Wireline instructions.
  • Plan and supervise the transfer of equipment between wellhead platforms by under slung winch moves and assure the Single Point Accountable person (SPA) is assigned to check and ensure Helideck is clear from any loose objects or debris.
  • Supervise the logistical movements of contractor crew between site and AUH to avoid any delay or disturbance in field program.
  • Prepare and request all materials and equipment needed for Wireline operations, including specifying special tools requirement to avoid any downtime in the field, rigs, and barges activities.
  • Check the effectiveness and validity of all equipment in use, test new equipment where it is considered suitable, and ensure all necessary equipment and spare parts are requisitioned and ready for use.
  • Following the Equipment Certificates and the maintenance schedule.
  • Assure all contractor personnel are well trained and qualified to conduct their job professionally.
  • Liaise with the Field Control Centre (FCC), WHPT surface operations supervisor, and Data gathering supervisor on a continuous basis to keep them informed and request assistance (this includes checking the platform status before starting and leaving the worksite, and reporting any abnormalities).