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Ref No.: 14-00600
Location: Abu Dhabi AE
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 04/06/2014

Our client, a government based Oil and Gas Company is looking forward to recruit for the position of "Purchasing Specialist " in Abu Dhabi.
Type of job: Contract Hire

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Marketing or a related field from a four-year college or university.
  • 6 years' experience in purchasing/procurement activities with detailed knowledge of local market conditions. Knowledge of computer application packages related to Materials Management.
  • Receives approved Purchase Requisitions (PRs) for plant machinery, equipment, engineering items inclusive of spare parts and chemicals as well as PRs for equipment repair jobs and for budgetary purposes.
  • Carries out preliminary enquiries, checks/verifies purchase specifications and feasibility, i.e., delivery date and estimated cost. Ensures clarity and completion of the purchase requests prior to processing.
  • Liaises with the originators of purchase requests to highlight discrepancies/problem areas if any and seeks necessary addition/deletion to ensure clarity and accuracy of specifications..
  • Co-ordinates with originators/supervisors on materials bidders' list for tender purposes and obtains the approval of Purchase and Tender Committees if required.
  • Prepares comprehensive enquiry documents (specifications, terms and conditions), liaises with users and issues enquiries to tenders according to the approved bidders' list.
  • Coordinates directly with the purchase requisitions originators for technical queries, clarifications from the invited vendors before submitting offers.
  • Participates in bid openings as per the company's Procurement Procedure, evaluates offers commercially and technically wherever appropriate.
  • Prepares the following documents:
  1. Bid Analysis Sheets
  2. Presentation documents for Purchase & Tender Committees
  3. Purchase orders and obtains necessary financial approval before issuing to the recommended supplier
  • Participates, as/when required, in discussions with users and suppliers representatives to clarify techno-commercial contents of suppliers' offers and budget availability before purchase recommendations are made.
  • Follows up with users to obtain final technical evaluation. Carries out commercial evaluation of all bids and prepares techno-commercial recommendations and submits the same for review, approval and award as per company's Procurement Procedure and Delegation of Authority.
  • Prepares blanket and purchase orders incorporating all commercial, technical, quantities, inspection requirement where specified and with general terms and conditions.
  • Provides opportunities for assisting and training U.A.E. national employees (Developees).
  • Performs other related or similar duties as assigned such as product alternative souring for cost effectiveness. Yearly maximum savings by negotiation, alternative sourcing or by competitiveness.
  • Organizes & holds meeting with suppliers for technical exchanges and for resolving particular outstanding issues relating to materials descripancies and where ever deviation and not in line as per our terms and purchasing conditions.