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Ref No.: 13-02645
Location: Dubai AE
Position Type:Direct
Experience Level: 5 Years
Start Date: 30/12/2013
A Leading Furniture manufacturing company is hiring candidate for below position

  • With knowledge and experience in warehouse organization and materials handling, including implementation of the policies on safety and security

  • Primary function will include but not limited to warehouse management and materials handling.

  • Plans, organizes, directs, controls and coordinates all warehousing activities.
  • Oversees the daily activities of all warehouse staff.
  • Maintains proper and accurate stock inventory of the materials and carry out periodical physical verification.
  • Maintains the upkeep of the warehouse and carries out regular housekeeping so as to maintain the quality of the products.
  • Allocates products at the warehouse for easy accessibility, retrieval and space planning.
  • Receives and manages inbound materials as per the packing list and prepares MATERIALS RECEIPT NOTE and prepares report of discrepancies.
  • Plans space for inbound shipment prior to arrival to warehouse.
  • Ensures all outbound materials are accompanied by a GP generated document.
  • Maintains all materials handling equipment.
  • Supervise the daily updating of bin card by the warehouse workers/materials pickers.
  • Puts in practice FIRST-IN FIRST-OUT basis of issuing materials.
  • Generates PACKING LIST for export purpose after marking, labeling, and numbering the boxes.
  • Track sales returns and document and submit summary report of all returned items with the corresponding reasons and value on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Submits a weekly and monthly summary of damaged items, with classification i.e. during transit, poor handling during delivery, or manufacturing defect.
  • Submits a summary report of customer complaints and service requests.
  • Submits a supply chain report to get the success ration of proposed or targeted delivery date.
  • Submits a monthly report on warehouse space utilization.
  • Submits a report of a conducted cycle counting.
  • Submits a summary report of non-moving and slow-moving, over-stock, and critical stock on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Prepares the warehouse for any regulatory authority visits and inspections.

Salary - AED 12,000 to 18,000

Years of experience: At least 5 years in warehouse organization and materials handling, including implementation of the policies on safety and security

Nationality Preference: Indian and Filipino