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Ref No.: 19-00077
Location: Abu Dhabi AE
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 05/05/2019
Our reputed client, a Government Oil and Gas Company is looking forward to recruit for the position of "Manager of Corrosion and Inspection” in Abu Dhabi -UAE.

Division: Integrity and Quality Division
Department: Corrosion and Inspection
Location: Offshore

Job Purpose:
Participates in setting and Implements the Corrosion and Inspection Management Strategies in the company assets and maintains policies updated with latest industry best practices to ensure implementation of Risk Based Inspection, Inspection Planning and timely execution, internal and external corrosion prevention measures, as well as coordinating integrity assessments, Fitness-for-Service and remnant life assessment of critical equipment.
Plans, directs, coordinates and supervises the activities of the Corrosion and Inspection Department in order to ensure assets mechanical integrity and minimize the risks of failures in service.
Provides expert advice, technical back-up and professional guidance to other in interpreting data, finding solutions and co-coordinating for efficient field services to ensure the safe operation, engineering integrity of process equipment and systems, storage and loading of Client, LPG, Pentane and Sulphur products in addition to other export gas facilities (IGD & OAG). Decisions made within the above context affect process reliability to ensure production targets and client commitments.
Provide support to Maintenance for quality assurance to ensure major maintenance investments to the Company assets is in accordance with standards.
This involves planning, scheduling and coordinating technical inspections of process and utility equipment in the plant, developing improved procedures and policies for efficient functioning of inspection groups including future needs in terms of equipment replacement and more sophistication in construction materials.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Participates in defining the Corrosion and Inspection Policies. Leads the implementation of the Corrosion and Inspection Policies and procedures.
  • Performs as Technical Authority to prevent failures by loss of containment in pressure equipment and piping and other assets as established in Company Asset Integrity and Reliability Management System.
  • Performs as Technical Authority for Welding, Corrosion and Materials Engineering.
  • Plans, directs and supervises the activities of all assigned personnel in the Inspection and Corrosion Department. Performs supervisory functions at the level established by Management.
  • Controls and coordinates the activities of a multi discipline team of engineers in the field of mechanical inspection, QA/QC, corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection and metallurgy to provide efficient technical support and services to maintain mechanical integrity of Client assets process equipment and structures.
  • Plans and coordinates Risk Based Inspection assessments and reassessment, ensuring ever greening of information, updating of all inspection Data Base and putting forward adequate Inspection Plans.
  • Informs Management on status of Inspection Compliance through monthly reports with Key Performance Indicators representative of all areas such as percentage of inspection completion, overdue inspections, piping leaks, R&Rs issued, overdue PSV inspections, corrosion rates, CP potential protection levels, budget compliance, etc.
  • Alerts Management of integrity threats by issuing monthly Integrity Advice Note and work with other Departments to resolve the concerns.
  • Plans and coordinates Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA) in order to introduce corrective actions to prevent failure re-occurrence in static equipment.
  • Coordinates Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment and remnant life assessment of equipment and piping and proposes replacement plans as required. Actions must be planned in agreement with other involved departments and in accordance with 5-Year Plan and budget cycles and procedures to ensure proper implementation.
  • Ensures that all services and activities are carried out in accordance with the Company applied QA/QC procedures, conforming with ADNOC COPs and International Standards and best practices examples of such are refurbishment of cold duty insulation during normal plant operations on line and the painting refurbishment of the Company assets in order to support fabric maintenance actions.
  • Sets priorities for all workload within the Inspection and Corrosion Department plans, directs and supervises their immediate implementation to ensure the integrity of all equipment and the safe running of all Company facilities and their associated utility facilities. Ensures that Plant Management are informed and updated on the plant condition, reports on the equipment and pressure safety relief valves that are overdue for inspection.
  • Controls and supervises the expenditure of Normal Revenue Budget of the department. Co-ordinates the preparation of 5-Year Plan and annual Capital/Major Revenue Expenditure Budget with Cost Services Department for Management approval.
  • Plans and execute major inspection projects when required through outsourcing services from qualified contractors; implementing adequate project management strategies to ensure proper forecasting, planning, budget and resource allocation as well as timely execution of physical works and budget.
  • Administers, and implements the integrated Quality Control policy during trains overhaul, and ensure Shutdown Contractor's compliance with. Attends shutdown Managerial meetings at Department Heads level and advised on QA/QC related aspects, to ensure the timely successful completion of train overhaul.
  • Coordinates the outsourcing of inspection services for Turnarounds and monitors the activities of the contracted team of inspectors during overhauls; advises on critical areas through collecting specific data to interpret/predict the remaining life of equipment and on necessary measures to prevent any failures or disruption of production.
  • Supervises and reviews the preparation of technical reports covering asset integrity condition, life expectancy and all aspects of the reliability within the plant following annual Major overhaul.
  • Attends the Monthly Management Planning Meetings, Weekly Production Meeting and Central HSE Committee Meetings to exchange information on status of integrity plans and coordinate with other Department leaders the implementation and completion of planned actions. Likewise, coordinates participation of senior personnel to periodic meetings to facilitate execution and compliance of inspection plans and implementation of recommendations issued through R&R system.
  • Provide technical support in Statement and Definition of requirements (SOR and DOR) meetings for all modifications and local projects, advising on welding procedures, Non-destructive Testing (NDT), and pressure test requirements for all site and systems modification. Scrutinizes specification while purchasing new materials and equipment as necessary.
  • Advises Management on new policies for Corrosion and Inspection and assesses the relevancy of the latest methods and techniques for condition monitoring, reliability, and life expectancy of plant equipment, with a view to optimize inspection/maintenance cost effectiveness, without affecting or impairing the integrity and the safe running of the Client Plant.
  • Reviews and provide comments to technical documents for engineering projects, as well as contractor's engineering construction packages regarding to scope of work, method of statement for work implementation, welding, painting, insulation, material selection, QA/QC plan and ensures they comply with Company procedures, specifications and standards.
  • Reviews the status of the Client Plant Cathodic protection systems, identifies deficiencies and develops the necessary rectification measures. This covers three Client Trains, sea water intake, new tank farm and Client/Sulphur facilities and loading jetties.
  • Coordinate the continuous monitoring of internal corrosion control systems with chemical inhibitors, in order to ensure continuity of treatment and maintaining corrosion rates within allowable limits.
  • Ensures the establishment and continuous update of Inspection Data Base for all Assets and corresponding Inspection Task Plans. Consequently, coordinates with Information Technology Division the needed support for maintenance and sustainability of computerized system in time.
  • Promotes a consistent level of communication with all Departments to ensure highest quality of work, in a culture of innovation, creativity and efficiency as well as ensuring that adequate resources are available to accomplish asset integrity and reliability objectives.
  • Provides opportunities for training and development of employees under his direction, with emphasis on UAE Nationals, and assesses their progress, this includes on-the-job training, counseling and proper work delegation.
  • Promotes and ensures implementation of HSE policies within the Department and assures the safety of personnel and equipment through compliance with occupational health and safety regulations to achieve Company HSEMS targets.
  • Provides assistance and consultancy to Materials and Procurement, to ensure that the supplied materials and equipment are conforming to the International Standards and Company requirements including application of Positive Material Identification when requested.
  • Maintains networking for technical exchange within ADNOC Group of Companies, national and international Corrosion & Inspection related Institutes and Associations in order to keep updated with latest experiences and techniques in the field and to promote knowledge sharing of lessons learnt.
  • Carries out other related or similar duties as assigned such as attend progress meetings with VPP, VPO, VPPM & GTSM to co-ordinate support to maintenance activities.
Minimum Requirements:
  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent chartered engineer in appropriate discipline
  • 20 years of minimum experience with at least 15 years in a professional corrosion and inspection engineering role in addition to 5-year supervisory role in corrosion and inspection engineering experience in the oil refining or petrochemical industry.
  • Demonstrates Leadership roles with identifiable achievements and contribution toward integrity in Oil & Gas facilities.
  • Possess current knowledge of best practices in integrity assessment, including experience in Risk Based Inspection, Root Cause Analysis and Fitness-for-Service.
  • Good spoken and written English.
  • Either NACE Specialist or API certified