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Ref No.: 19-00003
Location: Abu Dhabi AE
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 10/02/2019
Our reputed client, a Government Oil and Gas Company is looking forward to recruit for the position of "Lead Researcher” in Abu Dhabi UAE.
Reporting: Laboratory Manager
Job Purpose:
A jobholder at this level drives, manages & oversees the plans and the research projects handled by jobholders at level 2 and below.
He/she should apply intensive and diversified knowledge of material characterization (from both APT and/or MAT areas) especially used in wire and cable application, transformation process and polymerization technologies in broad areas of assignments, ensuring the resolution of unprecedented research problems.
This position is a recognized international authority/expert within more than one area of expertise (from APT and/or MAT).
He/she should thus be frequently consulted, by external interfaces. Proactive input to development projects and support on customer developments are a requirement for this level.
He/she should proactively monitor external developments in own field, leading and exploring new research techniques and concepts.
The position holder should act as interface between different groups, e.g., R&D groups, Laboratories (SSG), Business Units, Marketing, IPR and external customers.

Description Key Performance Indicators
Laboratory Testing
  • Plans, schedules, conducts or coordinates detailed phases of work for projects while continually interpreting and aligning research program with key business goals and objectives.
  • Could perform, review and approve all technical analysis data entry to the system according to defined specifications.
  • Follows all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • Motivates, coaches and supports team members to ensure they have the capability to deliver research project objectives as per world class quality standards.
  • Coordinates and integrates the projects which are assigned to levels 2 and below in order to ensure the correct complete solutions are found and implemented.
  • Evaluates and interprets data from more than one area of expertise from APT and/or MAT, and reports results to project owners for use in the ongoing project.  Could technically approve reports on multiple applications independently, prepared by levels below.
  • Anticipates and solves unprecedented research problems, determines program objectives and develops standards and guides while providing key technical contributions with strategic/long term impact for the business.
  • Has excellent understanding of patenting process, claim writing, FTO evaluations and agreements. With some credit for publications, patents. Is involved in technical consultancy (e.g., test method descriptions, new methods, etc) to IPR
  • Leads/explores new research techniques, and concepts which will enhance the product development and research processes in order to achieve Company's business objectives.
  • Steers, plans, provides guidelines and instructions, required for validation of test methods in the assigned areas, as conceived by levels below.
Weekly work plan
Monthly SSG targets
Laboratory Quality Management
  • Steers plans, and tasks required to performing technical evaluation of new equipment, assigned and prepared by levels below.
  • Defines and supervises inter-laboratory round-robins and proficiency testing programs within his area of expertise and possibly other areas from APT and/or MAT
  • Defines and supervises maintenance protocols, reference materials and tools required for verifications, calibrations and control checks within his/her area of expertise and possibly other areas from APT and/or MAT
  • Defines and supervises corrective and Preventive Action & Maintenance pertinent to his/her area and possibly other areas form APT and/or MAT.
  • Defines and supervises method calibration procedures in his assigned area and possibly other areas with APT and/or MAT; defines and supervises necessary actions as well as follow-up in case of equipment malfunction or deviations. Might act as contact with External Equipment Suppliers, in case of malfunction and deviations.
  • Makes proposals for experimental approaches, test methodologies and equipment's. Evaluates feasibility of proposals, associated costs and prepares investment proposals as required. Seeks approval from higher levels.
% equipment downtime
Laboratory Safety
  • Complies with all safety and fire rules and regulations, including the use of protective clothing and equipment and ensures that all personnel working in his area comply with safety regulations.
  • Ensures application of good housekeeping in the laboratory, maintaining all related files and records.
Safety audits
Number of incidents
Other Accountabilities
  • Performs theoretical training of Laboratory Staff and other Research and Business Groups, covering more than one area of expertise.
  • He/she should act as a mentor to the levels below, coaching and identifying missing competencies, within APT and/or MAT. Appropriate guidance on the plans required to develop and/ or improve competencies should be given by this job holder.
  • Assumes a role model for levels below across all organization, in areas of instrument and area custodianship, housekeeping and HSE compliant behaviour.
  • Is deputy for higher levels and Lab Management (on at least 4 areas of expertise within APT and/or MAT)
  • Identifies, proposes and reviews required IDP plans for lower levels (as agreed with levels above). Committed to updating his/her relevant professional and supervisory skills via IDP.
  • Undertakes regular proactive contacts customers in project work and understands the current and future market requirements. Represents Company's as an expert in certain area.
  • Submits, presents and reviews technical papers, involving multiscale characterisation, to various conferences, global/local research institutions/ universities and scientific societies to support the optimisation of technology transfer to Company. Can act as Chairperson on Conferences involving several fields of expertise.
  • Provides technical direction to lower levels team members and guidance in several areas of expertise (from APT and/or MAT) to assist in resolving problems. Responsible for hand-on training and qualification of lower levels within more than one field of expertise.
  • Is internationally recognized individual in more than one area of expertise (from APT and/or MAT).
  • Has good understanding of business and market needs. 
ISO 17025 requirements
Minimum Requirements:
  • PHD in Polymer Science & Technology or equivalent.
  • Excellent understanding of patenting process, claim writing, FTO evaluations and agreements. With some credit for publications, patents.
  • Significant knowledge on competitor and other external Research Institutes capabilities in what regards characterization methods within at least 2 different areas of expertise within APT and/or MAT.
  • Excellent general knowledge of polymer chemistry and physics. Very good knowledge of polymeric materials, application of plastics, processing technology, basic techniques of analytical chemistry, metrology and principles of laboratory quality.
  • Excellent knowledge of the process from polymers to products (wire & cable)
  • Excellent knowledge in polymer characterization used in wire & cable application.
  • In depth knowledge of research methodologies. Significant understanding of business and market needs.
  • Excellent understanding of Company's products and good understanding of competitor products.
  • 15 years of relevant research and laboratory experience
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English, other languages desirable.
  • Demonstrates creativity, foresight, and mature judgments in conducting research programs, developing new technologies, and developing standards and methods for others to follow.
  • IT proficiency
  • Relevant research experience on a broader range of fields, including polymerization technologies, manufacturing/material conversion processes, material characterization (analytics & other relevant mechanical and end properties).