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Ref No.: 17-00484
Location: Abu Dhabi AE
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 28/01/2018

Our reputed client Oil and Gas Company is looking forward to recruit for the position of "Field Senior Mechanician - Offshore” in Abu Dhabi; UAE.

Rotation Cycle:

29 Days on / 27 Days off


Job Dimensions

  • Most representative equipments and technologies: Oil/gas/condensate production and all utilities.

  • Rotating equipment "gas turbines - compressors" diesel engines - cranes - machining - valves - water treatment.

  • 3 x 9 MW turbo generators - 1 x 25 MW & 3x10MW turbo compressors - 19 cranes (from 1 to 30 tons up).


As part of the general framework

  • Prepare and Supervise in person the delicate or risky field operations

  • Preserve, make reliable and adapt tools to field operation conditions

  • Analyze functional parameters of the facilities

  • Anticipate potential problems and predict degraded situations

  • Ensure the reliability and consistency of technical information

  • Ensure the daily reporting

  • Participate in the technical and operational analyses and audits

  • Optimize the activities of service providers and assess their performance

  • Ensure that the affiliate SE policy, frame of reference are adhered to

  • Contribute to improve skills and know-how, experience feedback

Specific to Field Maintenance:

  • Review and validate Company preventive and predictive maintenance programs

  • Tracks, analyzes and improves key maintenance parameters such as equipments utilization, maintenance cost, PM compliance and schedule compliance

  • Supervise the implementation of these programs in accordance. with field operations

  • Supervise the maintenance personnel and manage the external service providers

  • Optimize the maintenance activities in liaison with on-shore technical support

  • Supervise and coordinate mechanical equipments repair and replacement

  • Prepare and check maintenance field instructions and procedures

  • Coordinate with technical on-shore support, the spare parts, and the preparations of heavy maintenance operations

  • Coordinate with the relevant departments the facility or equipment modifications

Context and Environment

  • Work environment in offshore production complex, with hot humid and marine open sea located 180 km offshore of Abu Dhabi, UAE on the maritime border with Iran

  • Working site is a characteristic oil and gas facility with the presence of hydrogen sulphide (2 .5% H2S in process) and a noisy environment

  • Site personnel is composed of 200 permanent people (up to 400 during project/drilling periods) with a multicultural workforce consisting of up to 30 different nationalities

  • Process is including oil and gas production, water injection, gas-lift, gas compression, and power generation

  • Following an offshore rotational schedule of 29/27 work/leave days (inclusive 2 travel days)


  • Co-ordinates and supervises maintenance aspects dealing with mechanical equipment's.

  • Ensures safe and efficient implementation of mechanical maintenance works.

  • Assures that local regulations, company rules, standards and safety procedures are adhered to.

  • Ensure that operations activities are conducted in compliance with safety and environmental protection procedures, while optimizing costs and lead times.

  • Ensure that the personnel, equipment and services are appropriate to the operational requirements.

  • Contribute to the profitability of the Exploration and Production investments, by continuously striving to improve the equipment, services and operational procedures.

  • Participate in the training of junior personnel.

  • Recommends modifications of equipment or procedures to improve instruments maintenance for plant performance and reliability.

  • Carries out mechanical maintenance work in area of specialization.

  • Troubleshoots breakdowns, diagnosis faults and executes repairs.

  • Observes all company rules, procedures and instructions.

  • Assures safe working practices.

HSE Responsibilities

HSE responsibilities for employees

  • Comply with the Activities described within the HSEMS

  • Take reasonable care of your own health and safety as well as others who may be affected by your acts at work.

  • Know your responsibilities to environmental issues in your work areas.

  • Ensure to follow and observe all Company rules, procedures and instructions in the performance of your own task.

  • As such your duties and areas of authority are:


  • Following instructions given by managers and supervisory personnel

  • Assuring yourself of the safety of your work site before commencing work

  • Taking the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger

  • Exercising such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or to avoid pollution

  • Using tools, equipment and your safeguards correctly

  • Using the provided means of personal protection correctly

  • Leaving the workplace behind correct and orderly upon job/shift completion

  • Reporting any anomaly, abnormal conditions and near miss to your supervisor

  • Participating actively in HSE meetings, safety talks, tool boxes, training sessions and drills

  • Co-operating actively in the execution of the HSE plans.


  • Suspending activities when there is a potential or actual threat to human life, the installation or the environment, and notify forthwith the responsible supervisor.

Required Qualifications & Background:

  • Formal Education (Diplomas): Secondary education completed + mechanical training.

  • Professional experience (in years): 6 years minimum in oil and gas maintenance industry.

  • Expertise in reading engineering drawings, interpreting tolerances and applying them in execution of jobs.

  • Strong and proven (hands-on) experience with Diesel engine and air compressor maintenance and overhaul.

  • Strong and proven (hands -on) experience with hydraulic systems, able to troubleshoot and understand hydraulic schematics

  • Strong and proven (hands-on) experience with offshore (pedestal) cranes and related hydraulic systems.

  • Expertise in alignment of (rotating) equipment via different methods like; dial gauges rim/face readings, reverse reading method and laser alignment equipment.