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Customer Service Rep - ROC
Ref No.: 17-04266
Location: Greenville, North Carolina
Start Date: 07/20/2017
Humana has just partnered with Bon Secours. This position will be working onsite at Bon Secours.
Hours: 10-7
Bon Secours is a brand new client of Humana so this position is the first person they are putting onsite. This is very high-profile, we HAVE to find the right person to represent so PLEASE choose appropriately.
Person will make outreach calls to elderly patients who haven't seen the doctor in awhile. They will schedule them to see the doctor. They will schedule in ECW which is Bon Secours electronic medical records system. Training will be provided

Humana has committed to the client that this person will be ready, onboard and will begin making calls as of Friday, September 1st.
Person must:
Have good communication skills
Computer skills
Must be patient and compassionate as they will be talking to Senior citizens who often may ask the person to repeat themselves etc.
Clear speech patterns and easy to understand
Must possess persistence. It is important to get these Senior patients to come and see the doctor.