Previous Job
Customer Engineer 6
Ref No.: 16-07338
Location: WASHINGTON, District of Columbia
Start Date: 11/08/2016
REQUIRED or will be declined:
Laptop and Desktop Break/Fix
General and Technical Questions on each resume

Job Description:
  • Candidate will be taking PC hardware break fix calls at various locations.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must be able to pass drug and background screening.
  • Must be able to complete required product training.
Required Skills:
  • DELL Desktop PC, Install/Support, Expert
Education and experience:
  • Must be able to pass drug and background screening.
  • Must be able to complete required product training
General Question

DIRECTIONS: Recruiters/Suppliers MUST ask the candidate these questions below and write down EXACTLY what they answer. Do NOT make any corrections to their answers regardless if they are right or wrong. If any questions are left blank, the resume WILL be rejected!
Candidate Information:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
1. Extensive driving is a requirement. Would you have a problem driving 2 to 3 hours to deliver services to one of your customers?
2. Have you ever worked for Client? If yes, please provide the dates and reason for leaving.
3. Are you currently looking for other opportunities in the current job market?
4. If your car breaks down, what is your back up plan?
5. At your former employer, were there any reason for calling into work?
6. Occasionally you will be faced with unplanned overtime work (work past 5:30pm). Will this be a problem for you?
7. Do you have a reliable computer, a high speed internet connection, and a printer at home?
8. The position mandates business casual attire – no jeans, hats, caps, t-shirts, tennis shoes, construction-type boots, un-tucked shirts, hoodies, and thermal sweat shirts, among casual dress. You will be required to report to work in dress pants/kakis, collar shirt, tucked in, and dress shoes. Will this be a problem?
9. Will you commit to a minimum of 6 months, understanding that if the commitment is broken an unfavorable reference would be provided if called by a future employer?
10. You will be required to certify and maintain Dell computer certification in your own time and complete before the drug and background is completed (5 business days). Will this be a problem for you?
11. Have you ever completed Dell Certs before? If so, please provide your Dell Login.
12. Do you have gaps in your resume between jobs? If so, explain why.
13. Why did you leave your last job? Why did you leave the job before that one?
UTS Technical Questions for NBD Candidates

1. User Maria calls you to complain that her system is totally dead today. It was working fine when she left the last evening. What should you check first?
2. Your client's computer refuses to connect to the network. You observe the NIC light is not ON and then use a different cable. What should you do next?
3. Sally is having a problem with the network. She cannot log on from her computer although the computer is fine. You log on from her workstation using her username and password. Everything works fine. What is most likely the problem?
4. You have just configured two new SCSI drives on a system board meant for ATA drives. The drives being recognized after boot up are ATA drives. What is the problem?
5. You have just purchased a computer running Win 2000 with the following configuration. Every time the system is powered ON it keeps rebooting automatically. What could the problem be? ATX Main board Two Pentium 4 – 1 GHz, 200W Power Supply
6. Your HDD does not respond upon powering ON your computer. What is the most likely problem?:
7. You boot your PC and don't hear the usual single beep. What should you check first?
8. You switch on your PC and get no display. You are sure the monitor is ok. How would you troubleshoot this problem?
9. What is the most likely consequence of a sudden power outage?
10. A parity error usually indicates a problem with which of the following?