Previous Job
GECORP - Software Developer I
Ref No.: 16-06185
Location: Van Buren Township, Michigan
Start Date / End Date: 10/03/2016 to 04/02/2017
Jr. Front-End Developer
tempt to perm = conversion salary ~55-75k +benefit package
max bill rate 65/hour
junior=needs to be willing to learn
**Also, given that the developer community may be shifting away from Angular, I1d like our candidates to have experience in at least 1 of the following frameworks in addition to Angular: Vue, React and/or Polymer.
**will be paired with a Sr. Developer to work as a pair, JR. should be open/willing to learn from the Sr.

*****Must ask these questions on a PHONE Screen and provide the candidate responses in the candidate summary. DO NOT EMAIL THE CANDIDATES THE QUESTIONS.

Here are a couple screening questions to ask front-end candidates.

1. What is the difference between an ID and a class selector in CSS? (with Jr. and Sr. dev should be able to answer this without any thought)
2. In JavaScript, what are some of the differences between an arrow-function vs an anonymous function? (Jr. dev may not get this, but a Sr. dev absolutely should)
3. What are some benefits of using promises instead of function callbacks?

Role summary: The Front End Developer will work with the customer, product owner, UX (User Experience) designer, and development team to implement user interfaces. This includes Javascript, CSS, HTML and any other client facing technologies, such as Angular, Node and Bootstrap. You will be a member of an integrated squad working together to deliver successful outcomes on the Client Predix platform
Essential functions: • Lead coding, testing, documentation, implementation, and maintenance of information technology solutions for business processes
• Work with other front end developers to define best practices and processes around user interface development
• Collaborate with US, near-shore, and offshore based team members to deliver software solutions
• Implement detailed functional and technical specifications required to satisfy business requirements
• Provide functional and technical documentation
• Develop proof-of-concepts and prototypes of easy to navigate user interfaces (UI) that consist of web pages with graphics, icons, and color schemes that are visually appealing
Basic qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems (IS), Information Technology (IT), Computer Science or Engineering (OR High School Diploma / GED with a minimum of 4 years of IS, IT, or Computer Science)
• Minimum of 1 years of IS, IT, Computer Science or Engineering experience with a concentration in front end design and development framework (Angular, Node, or similar)
•Demonstrated experience (1-3 years) in developing using front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, database tools (JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, Spring Data); rules engines (Camel, Drools, JRules) & modern tooling (Gradle, Maven, Git, SVN)
• 1-3 years experience with JavaScript
• 1-3 years experience with CSS
• 1-3 years experience with HTML
• 1-2 years experience with AngularJS
• 1-2 years experience with NOSQL database
• Experience with Cordova
• Understanding of backend systems and how to integrate with online services
• 1-2 Years experience writing unit tests
• Experience using a CI system to automate builds.
• Trained in TDD/BDD development
•Understanding of GitHub and Git pull requests
•Experience with analytics frameworks

Desired qualifications: • Previous experience with the Client Software Center of Excellence Predix platform.
• Lean/Six Sigma Certification.
• Experience working in an Agile software development environment
• Previous experience with Cloud Foundry/PaaS
• Experience working with Polymer
• 1-2 years experience with iOS development
• 1-2 years experience with Android development
• Experience with NodeJS
• Understanding of GitHub and Git pull requests
• Understanding of Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN)
• Working knowledge of Responsive Design concepts and frameworks
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively across functions in a matrix environment.
• Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to diplomatically advocate for the appropriate support staffing levels.
Ideal candidate will also have experience presenting effectively to non-technical and executive audiences.
•Strong analytical skills – strong problem solving skills, communicates in a clear and succinct manner and effectively evaluates information / data to make decisions; anticipates obstacles and develops plans to resolve.
• Resourceful and quick learner; able to efficiently seek out, learn, & apply new areas of expertise as needed.
• Highly self-motivated, able to work independently