SCCM Administrator
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SCCM Administrator
Ref No.: 16-04863
Location: Dublin, Ohio
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 07/25/2016
 Description or Overview:  
  • Provides support for System Center Configuration Manager tasks, Microsoft is also going to be performing ADMS as part of the domain split, so this role may augment that effort along with any SCCM activities necessary to not only push out software, but to assist with splitting into two environments.  
  • The stronger the better of course
Job functions:  
  • Support SCCM 2012 Administration only.  SCCM 2007 is NOT what they are looking for.
  • Must be comfortable with a war room environment for telephone & remote support of client endpoints.
    • Should be comfortable using multiple tool sets to ensure successful installations. Most users will be remote only, we will have vary limited on site access to the machines.
  • Must be able to remediate SCCM client health.
    • Know how to diagnose, troubleshoot & repair client issues to ensure proper migration to the divested entity & provide reporting of such work completed. Not only on the client side but know what to do in the console as well for the client to function correctly as well.
  • Utilized  SCCM 2012 to do the following tasks. They should  know what these functions are along with how to perform them.
    • Follow procedures to Integrate packages and software deployments into SCCM 2012.
    • Take a packaged application with an installation string & then load it into either an Applications or Packages as necessary.
      • These items would include:
        • Distribution of content of the above items are completed successfully & to locations as appropriate or when approved.
        • Create deployment types or programs for various products.
          • Know the settings associated with each model, along with why they are used & or the best practices.
          • Leveraged various detection methods for successful deployments.
        • Create queries for usage of the deployment requests & Asset Intelligence for validation. Before next steps are done.
        • Create collections to be utilized by the queries for the deployments.
        • Run simulated deployments against the collections to confirm the settings are accurate and ready for production release.
        • Basically ensuring our migration packages arrive on time and without error for pre or post.
        • Provide  roll out status / update reporting as required or feedback of above actions; along with remediation steps if needed.
    • Assist or possibly mirror the existing configuration in the SCCM environment to others as needed. Meaning they may have to take all applications, packages & collections; then recreate in test or other production sites as needed.
    • Working closely with project leadership and desktop support teams to ensure that software deployments are installed to the workstations; providing reporting and analysis along with incident support.