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Customer Engineer 4
Ref No.: 16-02315
Location: lenexa, Kansas
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 04/08/2016 to 12/08/2016
                     10101 Renner Blvd
                    Lenexa, KS 66219

Job Details:

Receive new Devices from Quest Diagnostics at a single receiving location at the Quest Diagnostics Site. 2. Install the Quest Diagnostics required and approved Quest Diagnostics-supplied Images and Software on the new Device. 3. Backup End User data using the Quest Diagnostics provided toolset, and documented process. The Quest Diagnostics-defined data backup process will include a defined data-retention period. For example, if the data backup method is to keep the outgoing Device, the backup process will state how long the Device is held until it is sent for Disposal. 4. If a new Device is inoperable out of the box (i.e. dead on arrival), escalate to the IT Site Lead or designated Quest point of contact for return to ePlus. 5. Disconnect and remove existing Device from the desk. Remove from the existing Device any peripherals identified by Quest Diagnostics that will be moved to the new Device. . 6. Place the new Device in the specified area (desktop surface, table, etc.) 7. Install add-on hardware to new Device (if applicable). 8. Connect the monitor I/O cable, printer cable (if applicable), peripheral equipment I/O cables, network connection, and modem cable (if applicable). 9. Verify the unit will boot to an operating (OS) prompt. 10. Test for network connectivity 11. Test each Device to validate functionality. Boot the Device and confirm there are no error messages and that the Operating System is functional. 12. Establish a network connection and login using the End Users ID and password, if provided. 13. Load user data from backup or old HW, per Quest Diagnostics documented process 14. Credant Encryption will be started, but may not have finished encrypting the HDD at the time the Device is deployed to the End User. 15. Remove the old equipment, transporting it to the agreed area at the Quest Diagnostics Site designated by Quest Diagnostics for disposal under separate Asset Disposition SOW. 16. Update the Quest Diagnostics IT Asset Management system utilizing currently documented processes

Required Skills:
Problem Solving,Advanced
A+ IT Technician,Experienced