ADDM Consultant
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ADDM Consultant
Ref No.: 16-02284
Location: Albany, New York
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 04/07/2016 to 09/07/2016
 Job  Description:
  • Daily monitoring of all ADDM scanning appliances and Windows Proxy servers to validate that designed connectivity exists and all required services are functioning normally
    < >"Tideway” services running on all ADDM appliancesWindows Proxy service active between all proxies and their associated scannersConsolidation functioning between all scanners and their associated consolidatorsDaily monitoring of all ADDM scanning appliances to verify that all scheduled subnet scans are functioning normallyDaily publishing of required custom reports to NYS SharePoint siteProvide ad-hoc reporting of ADDM discovery data when requestedPeriodic remediation of scan failures per ADDM scanning appliance – this could be done on scheduled basis by scanning appliance (CNSE vs. legacy appliances)Work with server platform teams to remediate scan failuresPeriodic data comparison between ADDM and NYS ITSM CMDB to determine potential missed discovery hostsMonthly update of Technology Knowledge Update (TKU) files on all deployed ADDM appliances within the CNSE (Dev/Test/Prod) and the legacy agency environmentsPeriodic update of ADDM appliances, OS (Red Hat), and Windows Proxies for application version updates from the vendor – performed after requisite testing