Previous Job
Field Engineer 2
Ref No.: 17-07006
Location: Tustin, California
Start Date: 11/20/2017
 ***This job req is subject to overtime discounts (0.95x exempt; 1.35x non-exempt) and a 10% discount after six months of service***
Location: 15601 Mosher Ave, Tustin, CA 92780
Duration: 57 weeks; 12/29/18 end date
End Client: Auto Club of Southern California
Driving Required: NO - MVR must be conducted with the DBI process if hired, but results are not applicable. Driving isn't required.
U.S. Citizen:  YES
Bill Rate: $34.00/hr  (Do NOT submit candidates over $36.00; manager wants to see candidates at or below $34.00 FIRST)
Min Pay Rate: $17.14/hr
Schedule:  M-F, 8-5
·         Candidate's Name
·         Phone Number
·         Email Address
·         City, State
·         U.S. Citizenship 
 Interview Process:
1.       Client Phone Screening
2.       Onsite Interview or Phone/Skype Interview with End Client
 IMPORTANT - Factors absolutely required:  
·         Current experience – If they haven't worked within the last few months, do NOT submit
·         Able to talk about experience in detail from their resume without any issues
·         Good communication skills (listening is part of that)
·         Understand the need for client satisfaction and proven experience
 Day to Day Work: 
This primarily a Help Desk type role
•        Desktop/Laptop;
•        Hardware/software;
•        Level 2-3 support including voice
Required Skills: 
  1.         PC/Workstation Hardware, Advanced
  2.         PC/Workstation Software, Advanced
  3.         Voice Networks, Advanced
  4.         Desk-side Software Support (DSS), Advanced (This means interaction with customs in-person!!!)
  5.         Help Desk experience
  6.         Good communicator
  7.         Customer service focus
  8.         Familiarity with Remedy ticketing system
  9.         Avaya Site Administration – I would say telephone experience is mandatory
  10.      Mainframe – the Auto Club app is home grown, but if a person has mainframe experience it should be relatively easy to train
  11.      Other key software:
    1.         Kronos
    2.         Verint
    3.         BlueZone
    4.         Active Directory
    5.         MS Remote Access
    6.          Remote Desktop Connectivity
    7.         MS Office
    8.         Windows 7 and Windows 10 troubleshooting.
    9.          Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) configuration since that is becoming much more frequent.
    10.          Familiarity with Bitlocker.
k.        And familiarity with SCCM since that will be used more in Win 10.