Previous Job
Field Engineer 2
Ref No.: 17-06893
Location: chicago, Illinois
Start Date / End Date: 11/14/2017 to 05/31/2018
 Job Description:
Required Skills:
  •           General PC and Mac deskside H/W and Software skills
  •           General knowledge of network and server/printer environments for smart hands at the direction .
  •           Most of the sites have a majority of Macs over PCs per the site equipment ratios below. 
This location's ratios of Mac vs. PC respectively: 40/60
The Services provided under this SOW consist of the following:
1.)    IMACD
Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes and De-Install (IMACD) consist of the following services:
  •           Install client provided Devices with the base installation of the Operating System and core office products including unpacking, commissioning, and testing of the new equipment and handover to the user
  •           Moves of equipment within a Client location
  •           Addition of new hardware components to Devices
  •           Changes to systems such as version software upgrades (to one system)
  •           De-install of Client hardware and relocation to central storage within the same Client location
2.)    Hardware Break/fix Service
These services include onsite and remote diagnosis, identification/confirmation of fault and assessment of action. This may include a 'fix' based on manufacturers' instructions of parts and labor repair, or whole unit repair.
Support for Desk phones is limited to basic troubleshooting, and soft set-up of phones utilizing knowledge articles or documented work instructions provided by the client.
Support for common audio/visual equipment is limited to wellness checks, basic troubleshooting and configuration, Specialized equipment, such as that used in video or sound production, is out of scope.
3.)    Desk Side Support Service
For incidents where a remote resolution is either not possible or not available, a Field Engineer will go to the End User's on site work space to investigate and resolve the incident. Desk Side Support includes onsite support and troubleshooting for Software for desktop and laptops.
Service is provided on Devices and attached peripherals that includes but is not limited to:
  •           On-site troubleshooting for MS Office and COTS and Client Software products
  •           Manual drivers upgrades and fixes as applicable
  •           Resolution of supported software configuration issues
  •           Issue resolution for Client custom built application is done by leveraging existing knowledge articles or if not available de-install, install and configuration of the application as per provided standard operating procedures. Upon completion of the deskside software support visit, performance of defined acceptance testing with End User.
4.)    Smart Hands Support
Smart Hands Support for network devices, servers, and printers will be provided at the Client locations identified below and is performed in coordination with and at the direction of Client IT support teams.
5.)    Warranty Administration
Client will perform warranty Break/fix repairs on Client's End Point warrantied equipment for which Client is an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for the equipment manufacturer. Client will work with Client management to process warranty transactions with the manufacturer inclusive of warrant entitlement, claims filing, ordering manufacturer parts, monitoring forward and reverse shipment of parts and record of fix.
6.)    Walk-up Kiosk
For sites defined in Appendix A, Client will provide the Services at an existing onsite, centralized walk-up kiosk as directed by the Client.
Client and Client will mutually determine service hours for each kiosk.