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Data Scientist
Ref No.: 17-03236
Location: Round Rock, Texas

Job Description:

· Building commercial apps on top of the products and working on these for commercialization of the same. The two use cases are AI for Image Analytics (HC) and Model Management AI Engines for Financial Orgs.
· Linux OS, Python based coding requirements with TF type Open Ai APIs and packages.
· For the minimum skills, I'd look for someone having Python programming, Linux experience (scripting, testing) and familiarity with hardware infrastructure (Server, GPU, interconnects). Client/DL experience will be a plus.
· Ideally, looking for candidate with software background that has experience in writing applications based on CUDA, OpenCL for accelerators like GPU & FPGA. Have demonstrated executing projects in one or more of the open source frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe or theano and prefer someone with TensorFlow background. Have a good understanding of GPU architecture and experience with MPI.
· Participation in Kaggle competition would be a plus.
· Projects would involve optimizing and writing scripts related to machine learning/deep learning for different use cases like Financial, healthcare on Dell EMC solutions