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Network Engineer
Ref No.: 17-03177
Location: Lyndhurst, New Jersey
CISCO WAAS expert Level 3 + - Very Important
Configure, validate, manage, and back up configurations of all NMTs, for the full suite of NMT functions required to ensure the Normal Operations of the customer Network.
Perform the deployment of all NMT agents and monitors on Customer Network Devices required to Interface the NMT and Network Devices.
Configure, validate, and manage all Device settings (e.g., IP address, subnet mask, proxy settings, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) primary and secondary Server address, default gateway address);
Manage Customer defined naming and addressing standards, (e.g., DNS, DHCP, ATM, IP, WINS, NDS);
Ensure complete interoperability with all processes and procedures (e.g., access control lists (ACLs), routing tables, filters, trucking, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), logging, polling);
Configure QoS settings on Network Devices to ensure the Normal Operations of higher priority network activities and network traffic;
Configure Port authentication settings, where required;
Configure loopback addresses for Network Devices, in accordance with Customer specifications;
Configure alarms and monitoring settings (e.g., SNMP trap statements, messages, environmental (i.e., IRIS or data track alarms));
Perform Network Device resets;
Perform troubleshooting and Resolution activities;
Perform onsite Repair of defective Network Devices when required;
Manage and act as single point of contact for Service Provider Subcontractors, Network Device warranty/Maintenance providers, and other RLC third party providers;
Configure VLAN trunking;
Configure new VLANs following and approved RFC;
Respond to and Resolve all VLAN performance Incidents