Previous Job
Store Director (Monica Rich)
Ref No.: 17-00445
Location: Los Angeles, California
 (Salaried, Exempt, Reports to the Market Director)
What The Role Is All About
Our Store Directors
  • Are entrepreneurs who cultivate talented teams and run profitable stores.
  • View customers through an omni lens and develop strategies to drive incremental sales.
  • Ensure all resources are aligned and focused on delivering a service experience that exceeds expectations.
  • Care about everyone on the team, provide challenging assignments and construct compelling development plans.
  • Make training a priority and ensure teams have everything they need to perform productively.
  • Create an environment that supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all.
What We Expect You To Bring
Starting on day one, you should:
  • Enjoy working hard and pursue everything with a need to finish.
  • Be curious and color outside the lines, unearthing value in unexpected places.
  • Be energized by problem solving and act and decide without having the total picture.
  • Cope with change effectively and shift gears comfortably.
  • Diffuse high-tension situations quickly while maintaining productive relationships.
  • Be able to be counted on when times are tough.
  • Speak up and be willing to be the only champion for an idea.
  • Have a nose for talent and the ability to differentiate between real skills and bravado.

What You Can Expect
To be part of a team of the best and brightest that:
  • Believes in our products and services.
  • Knows the customer and delivers our quality, value, design and style message.
  • Maximizes opportunities to grow the business and consistently questions what can be done better.
  • Generates ideas to evolve the business.
  • Is market-aware, forward thinking and global.
  • Fosters collaboration and productivity.
How We Measure Results
We expect that you will:
  • Ensure all selling floor shifts meet or exceed the SPH goal.
  • Ensure that the customer experience and achieving SPH are prioritized over workload.
  • Be a situational leader and align your style with the needs of everyone on the team.
  • Recognize associate contributions to support motivation and engagement.
  • Provide the communication and tools needed for the team to achieve their KPIs.
  • Ensure all associates receive requisite training and shadowing and apply skills on the job.
Fine Print
Our Store Directors:
  • Have a bachelor's degree or equivalent combo of education and experience.
  • Have 5 or more years of management experience with similar scope.
  • Have a voice, tailor communication to their audience and write succinctly and professionally.
  • Process information and operate store systems accurately.
  • Are available when we are busy, including: nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Are facile with technology and apps and familiar with industry-related blogs and feeds.
  • Must bend, reach, stretch for product as well as lift, carry and move at least 40 pounds |18 kilos.
  • Must regularly move around all store areas and be accessible to customers.