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Loan Processor (Amerifirst Home Mortgage)
Ref No.: 16-08114
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Amerifirst is hiring a Loan Processor! Our ever growing company is seeking an experienced Loan Processor who will be responsible for providing the quality processing of loan packages in preparation for final presentation to Underwriting. The Loan Processor will act as a liaison between loan origination team, underwriters and borrowers. They will collect all borrower information and documents to complete the loan package, with the foresight and knowledge of underwriting requirements. In addition, reviewing any underwriting stipulations to the loan package, obtaining all requested additional documentation, submitting the final loan package and preparing for the closing.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Verify loan packages generated from Loan Originator for accuracy, borrower signatures and all conditions required for loan.
  • Communicate clearly with the borrower using the most effective medium to obtain additional information/documents and answer any questions or concerns.
  • Order credit reports, income, asset documentation, transcript, title, appraisal and any other required documentation for loan packages.
  • Take initiative to investigate and research any issues in the loan package.
  • Complete Processor Checklist & the Submission Cover Letter to prepare final presentation of loan package to Underwriting.
  • Submit final loan package file to the Closing Dept. and request closing disclosure (CD).
  • Coordinate with title company, realtor, and borrower to set up closing date.
  • Build and maintain working relationships with Underwriting team and other internal departments.
  • Escalate issues when necessary to Processing Team Leader.
  • Maintain confidentiality while processing loans and communicating with borrowers and real estate agents.
  • Stay current with mortgage industry and product changes.
  • Remain up to date with Underwriting guidelines.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned.
Job Specific Competencies
  • Communicates accurately, effectively, appropriately and with a positive attitude.
  • Uses good judgment as to what to communicate to whom as well as the best way to get that accomplished.
  • Speaks in a clear and credible manner, selecting the right tone for the situation and audience.
  • Listens to others.
Quality/Quantity of Work
  • Establishes a track record of producing work that is highly accurate.
  • Complies with policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrates attention to detail and reflects well on the organization.
  • Personally commits to high quality work and encourages others to have similar standards.
  • Makes sure that quality does not suffer as quantity of work increases.
  • Works effectively with peers and carries appropriate share of team workload.
Time management
  • Prioritizes tasks and manages time to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Plans his or her time and sticks to those plans.
  • Prevents or manages interruptions until the highest priority tasks are accomplished.
Positive Outlook
  • Tends to stay positive, even when others sound negative or struggle to remain upbeat.
  • Sees and provides others with concrete reasons to believe that things will work out well.
  • Notices and acknowledges things that are going well, especially during stressful times.
Customer Focus
  • Personally demonstrates that external (or internal) customers are a high priority.
  • Identifies customer needs and expectations and responds to them in a timely and effective manner.
  • Anticipates and prevents delays or other things that can adversely affect the customer.
  • Keeps customers informed about the status of pending actions and inquires about customer satisfaction with products or services.
  • Is an effective team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback.
  • Communicates in an open and candid manner and can be counted upon to fulfill commitments made to others.
Job Type: Full-time
Required education:
  • High school or equivalent
Required experience:
  • Loan Processing: 2 years
  • Mortgage: 2 years
ControlID: 14.234.89 SHR