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Escrow Coordinator (Baldwin & Sons)
Ref No.: 16-07717
Location: San Diego, California
GOAL: Daily coordination with BALDWIN & SONS sales agents, construction, accounting and customer service teams, as well as escrow & title officers, loan officers and design center staff to consistently achieve targeted home closes in an accurate and timely manner.


1. Review Sales Contract package forms and all other required sales documents included with the Sales Package Transmittal for completeness and accuracy, including collection of proper deposits and tie-out to the revenue budget. Copy, distribute and file accordingly (Marketing Coordinator to assist).

2. Review all Purchase contract forms, addendums and related escrow documents. (All purchase "offers”, term changes or additions on purchase contracts, Model Purchase Contracts/Leaseback Agreements to be approved by Director of Sales and Marketing).

3. Review all subsequent Option Agreements, amendments and/or addenda for completeness, correct pricing and accuracy. Copy, distribute and file accordingly.

4. Reconcile final sales price to insure all flooring and option upgrades monies are accounted for prior to Close of Escrow. Verify all option deposit checks have cleared banks on accounts receivable reports.

5. Review and approve Estimated Closing Statements (prior to closing) and Final Closing Statements (after closing) to ensure accuracy, including all fees charged by construction lender, escrow, title, lenders and commissions.

6. Gather, complete, distribute and file accordingly all required closing documents for every closing Natural Hazard Reports, Grant Deeds, Notice of Completions). If needed for government financing, builder certifications, FHA/VA documents, flood certifications, inspection reports, termite reports, etc.

7. Monitor loan and escrow status:
a. Continually update loan and escrow status for each home in escrow with majority of weekly/daily input from BALDWIN & SONS' sales team, escrow, lenders and design centers.
b. Prepare the following weekly status reports reflecting the most current and accurate information and distribute accordingly:
1) Quarterly Projected Closings Report (weekly)
2) Weekly Corporate Sales Summary Report (every Monday)
3) Weekly Escrow/Loan Status Reports (weekly)
4) Monthly Final Closings Report (month end)
5) Incentive Schedules (if needed)
c. Be completely informed and up to date on the status of all contingent sales by requesting weekly update reports from sales for review and discussion.
d. Regularly inform Director of Sales and Marketing of any problems or concerns regarding sales agents, buyer issues and consultant concerns.
e. Distribute the weekly status report accordingly and manage a weekly escrow status meeting with Sales and Preferred Lenders.
f. Manage and direct sales agents in relation to sales policies and procedures, escrow process, and closings.

g. Submit sales contracts and any optional features as required to increase values.

8. Generate and update all sales contract package forms and disclosures as required for new and existing communities. Set up sales contract form files for new sales offices.

9. Set up master form files for each new sales office.

10. Generate and update all Sales Price Sheets for all community sales releases as needed.

11. Notarize all Grant Deeds and other legal documents as needed for BALDWIN & SONS.

12. Process and track all DRE branch licenses (new and cancel upon community close out) and monitor that all salesperson/broker licenses are renewed and in good standing order (add new and remove terminated agents from brokers license as needed).

15. Generate and process all Notice of Completion's for recording at completion of construction of all homes.

16. Process and track all SB800 Builder's Agent for Notice with the Secretary of State.

17. Update and maintain Sales Policies and Procedures Manual with any/all changes or additions to existing program (review from time to time with Director of Sales and Marketing for streamlining). Set up book for all new sales agents when hired.

18. Sales:
a. Assists with the Director of Sales and Marketing in the sales management of each new home community as needed.
b. Generate or update Salesperson Agreements, DRE Salesperson Change Applications and Commission Schedules as needed.
c. Process and approve all sales commission requests to meet bi-monthly payroll deadline.
d. Process sales agent closing bonus when applicable.

ControlID: 14.234.89 SHR