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Title Insurance Conveyancer (New Britain Abstract LLC dba CU Abstract)
Ref No.: 19-00087
Location: Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Job Description:

Job Responsibilities include the following:
• Leading representative in processing new title insurance applications
• Responsible for inputting and generating title requests to various county searchers and search agencies
• Order required certifications for the respective property in question
• Responsible for handling the processing of residential refinances, ordering title requests, certifications, mortgage and HELOC payoffs, releasing old mortgages, satisfaction of judgments and or other liens against a respective property in question
• Inputting lenders closing fees and generating CD's/HUD'S for lender approval
• Daily interaction with real estate agents, respective buyers and sellers, financial lenders, municipalities, tax collectors, utility authorities, county personnel and other law offices and their staff
• Other daily tasks within the office to ensure efficiency, answering phone calls and scheduling settlements
Qualifications and Skills
• Must be detail oriented & manage deadlines
• Large volume of file management and organization
• Ability to multitask and work as a team player in a fast paced environment
• Good organizational and multi- tasking skills
• Proven customer service skills
• Proficiency with TSS (Title Express)
• Must have problem solving capabilities and a sense of urgency
• Excellent PC, verbal and interpersonal skills