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Ref No.: 18-00015
Location: Georgia
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 02/01/2018 to 01/31/2019
Submission Deadline

Title : Administrator

Location : Georgia

Bill Rate : W2 minimum $32/hour and W2 Maximum $40/hour
C2C minimum $37/hour and C2C maximum $46/hour

IT Security Specialist
Department of Early Care and Learning - State of GA
This position will manage applications which provide security services across the enterprise. The primary focus of this position will be to manage the McAfee EPO and a full client ENS 10.5 environment that includes, AV, threat prevention, DLP, and disk encryption. This position will also administrate or assist in administration of other security tools.

  • Support, manage and maintain the McAfee ePO environment
  • Maintaining the health of agents
  • Building and automating reports for agent health, scan results, etc
  • Managing the capacity and capabilities of the environment
  • Enhancing the design as needed to support new functionality and resolve issues
  • Management of all Mcafee policies
  • Facilitate and manage the continued deployment lifecycle of McAfee Security suite across the enterprise
  • Provide incident response for detected threats from EPO Server
  • Preparation and maintenance of documentation
  • Cross-training other Infrastructure Security Operations team members on duties and functions, and receiving cross-training to learn additional duties and functions to provide backup
  • Shared or full responsibility managing agency email security
  • Responsibility in administering RetinaCS/Powerbroker vulnerability, auditing, and privilege escalation software.
  • Shared responsibility in other security software for networks and windows.
  • Understanding of securing information based upon compliance and regulations (PII, FERPA, ETC)
  • Ability to complete tasks and produce appropriate deliverables within constraint of deadlines
  • Must be organized, persistent and be able to communicate effectively and professionally with a wide variety of teams
  • Team player with excellent written and oral communication and organizational skills
  • 5+ years experience as a McAfee ePO administrator
  • 3 years experience as a Windows administrator
  • Experience with Mcafee in a VDI enviroment
  • Working knowledge of Enterprise Security products
  • Ability to quickly pick up new knowledge of specific applications within the environment
  • Strong attention to details with the ability to troubleshoot issues and provide resolution
  • Demonstrates constant consideration of risks and impacts especially with regards to changes such as security patching (i.e., change management)
  • Strong knowledge of DLP using Mcafee products
  • McAfee certifications in ENS, ATD, ePO, HIPS, DLPe a Plus

Estimated Duration
02/01/2018 - 01/31/2019