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Sous Chef Permanent Position in Las Vegas, Nevada
Ref No.: 18-00510
Location: Miami, Florida
Position Type:Direct Placement
A Sous Chef is the culinary chef located just below the executive or head chef in a kitchen's chain of command. Therefore, the Sous Chef has a vital role in any commercial kitchen. As second-in-command, he/she has a large amount of responsibility in the kitchen.
Essentially, the Sous Chef is responsible for planning and directing food preparation in kitchens. This involves a large degree of supervising other kitchen staff, as well as keeping an eye out for problems that arise in the kitchen and seizing control of a situation at a moment's notice. The Sous Chef may also need to effectively discipline underperforming staff members, as well as provide incentives for staff members to go above and beyond the expectations of their particular chef roles.
Further, Outside of the kitchen the Sous Chef could be responsible for staff scheduling and - depending on the establishment - may even be involved in apprenticeship development schemes as well.