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Systems Programmer(IMS Support)/Piscataway, NY 12 mth+ contract (385501)
Ref No.: 18-00414
Location: Piscataway, New York
Position Type:Contract
 Systems Programmer (IMS Support)/Piscataway, NY  12 mth+ contract  (385501)
Visas Required: US Citizen, GC, EAD-GC
  • Strong knowledge of IMS for OS/390 or z/OS platform, and the ability to install/migrate and support it.
2- Strong skills in SMP/E, IBM IMS utilities and CA-Utilities for IMS. 3- Strong knowledge of IMS Control Block Gens. 4- Knowledge of BAL and dump debugging. 5- Diagnostic and debugging skills with IMS and its allied address spaces. 6- Experience working in a client/vendor relationship. 7- Knowledge in performance and tuning of IMS in a production environment (IMS CA-Sysview or equivalent monitoring tools). 8- Ability to install and support IMS OEM software products (IBM File Manager for IMS, IMS CA-utilities, etc) 9- Work on special projects requiring a high level of independence and technical expertise. Years of Experience (minimum years) 10