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Data Center Specialist (Managed Resiliency Services)/NYC 12 mth+ contract (383606)
Ref No.: 18-00275
Location: NYC, New York
Position Type:Contract
Must be US Citizen 
Below is a description for the RCDD seat.

The Senior Cabling Engineer position involves the design, coordination, and site documentation for the infrastructure for medium to large sites. The Engineer coordinates and designs pathways and cabling for the site infrastructure, produces floor plans and provides labeling plans and run lists to support the design.  The Engineer creates project specifications for construction, materials, and testing of components. The engineer will oversee the project throughout the entire project lifecycle, assisting with construction issues, scheduling and budget.  The senior engineer will be expected to self-perform the tasks listed below in addition to leading other team members with the activities:  
1- Producing detailed design drawings in AutoCAD or VISIO based on project criteria.
2 - Coordinate Site configurations and locations.
3 - Coordinate infrastructure needs with other systems:  Access Control and WLAN4 - Coordinating and producing detailed pathway designs to support inside and outside site cabling infrastructure to include fill calculations.
5 - Producing and managing cabling run lists.
6 - Creating and editing project specifications based on project criteria.
7 - Producing test plans.
8 - Develop compliance matrices and other project support documentation.
9 - Assisting project teams with producing and reviewing project deliverables.
10 - Be actively engaged with the project quality control process and produce reports based on observations made on site visits.
11 - Develop an in depth knowledge of and utilize relevant sections of NFPA codes, TIA Standards, BICSI publications, or other relevant criteria.

1 - Must have an RCDD credentials.  
2 – Must have Structured Cabling Design skills  
Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP®)

The CDCDP professional has extensive knowledge for the design of a Data Center. The professional should be able to address best practice for the design, construction and operation of computer rooms and Data Centre facilities. The requirement are to successfully design the key infrastructure elements of the physical infrastructure, electrical distribution systems, air-conditioning, data cabling and building support systems. The professional should be able to address and document the design scope and implementation phases throughout the design configuration process.
If you cannot find a CDPDP then a qualified RCDD will be ok.  Candidate must be able to do some physical work, and be able to access and enter/move around well in building that do not have elevators